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No more queues at the box office! Buy train tickets for the best seats in the cars - now you can choose them online, through your mobile device, download the application. And the Good Way.

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Forget about the queues at the ticket office! We have prepared an up-to-date train schedule, which reflects up-to-date information on trains and availability. We have created the application Rail tickets online, where you can plan a trip at any convenient time.

Travel around Russia or go to the CIS countries by booking tickets online without leaving your own home. After booking the selected places and paying for them, you will need to print the tickets and present them in a train. A minimum of formalities for your peace of mind!

It is now enough to print an electronic ticket and present it to the conductor to register for most railway flights. Each electronic ticket has a unique bar code that allows you to identify the passenger. You can also display information on the screen of your smartphone. Save your time and take care of your nerves by refusing to stand in queues at the railway ticket office.


Our service allows you to develop a travel route individually, which will include all the stops and transfers you need. It takes no more than ten minutes to prepare a route using our service. Take advantage of our offer and enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly interface and quick search for trips. You can make even the most difficult route in a few minutes. The service will automatically select those trips where transfers are not so long.

You can issue electronic tickets at least an hour before the planned departure time of the train from the selected railway station. Be careful when filling out the reservation form! The passenger is solely responsible for the correctness of the personal information provided by him and the choice of tickets. Confirm that you correctly determined the day and time choosing the route of the train, type and seat.


Digital train tickets allow passengers to use most of the current special fares and special offers. In addition to a full adult, you can use the children's rate. For children who do not occupy a separate seat, a non-cash electronic ticket can be issued.


After choosing tickets and booking, you have 15 minutes left to pay for the fare. You can use the payment method that is comfortable for you. If this time was not enough to pay for tickets, the order will be canceled. You can re-book your seats when you are ready to pay for tickets.

When making a payment, the operator charges a service charge of 15% of the cost of train tickets. This amount is used to pay for intermediary services, support costs and business development. A service charge is not applicable to children's tickets without a separate seat.


You will not have to go through the tedious registration process to complete a purchase. If your circumstances have changed, you can issue a return of train tickets in your account. The application was created exclusively for the sale of tickets and does not imply the possibility of booking seats for a long period. To change the selected seats, the client will need to hand over tickets and make a new purchase.

Use a credit card to pay for the order. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase by e-mail, that was indicated when booking seats.

You can buy a train ticket online no later than 15 minutes and no earlier than three months before the train departure on the selected route using internal communications in the Russian Federation. The rules regarding international communications are somewhat tougher and are limited to two months, but you should buy a train ticket to the CIS countries, the Baltic states and Abkhazia no earlier than 45 days before the train departures. At the same time, the passenger is fully responsible for completing the full package of migration documents when crossing foreign countries.

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