Order railway tickets on the train

No more queues at the box office! Buy train tickets for the best seats in the cars - now you can choose them online, through your mobile device, download the application. And the Good Way.


You will not have to go through the tedious registration process to complete a purchase. If your circumstances have changed, you can issue a return of train tickets in your account. The application was created exclusively for the sale of tickets and does not imply the possibility of booking seats for a long period. To change the selected seats, the client will need to hand over tickets and make a new purchase.

Use a credit card to pay for the order. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase by e-mail, that was indicated when booking seats.

You can buy a train ticket online no later than 15 minutes and no earlier than three months before the train departure on the selected route using internal communications in the Russian Federation. The rules regarding international communications are somewhat tougher and are limited to two months, but you should buy a train ticket to the CIS countries, the Baltic states and Abkhazia no earlier than 45 days before the train departures. At the same time, the passenger is fully responsible for completing the full package of migration documents when crossing foreign countries.

/ 4 reasons to buy from us /

  • 7 years old
    stable operation
    For many years, we have been helping our clients to travel comfortably not only in Russia, but also to countries near and far abroad. The number of satisfied users of the service is only growing. Join us!
  • Economy
    of time
    Ordering railway tickets is as simple as possible - you can easily find and buy the ticket you need in a few seconds. It's so simple that you can do it on the go, in a traffic jam or at a traffic light. Anyone can cope with this, even without the experience of ordering railway tickets online.
  • Independent
    choosing a place
    You independently choose the most convenient place for you when ordering a ticket. Compartment, reserved seat, closer or further to the center of the car, car number, near the window or not - any option of your choice.. But a little advice: the earlier the order is, the greater the choice of places to book.
  • Safe
    Booking tickets on the zhd.online website is absolutely safe. Your personal data, passport number, bank card data and all other confidential information are strictly protected by reliable security standards. Our service is a guarantee of security.
/ Reviews about the service /
Anastasia Smirnova
Anastasia Smirnova
They were sent on a business trip for work and there was no other way to get there except by train, or at their own expense. I haven't traveled for a long time and thought that searching and ordering railway tickets would take a lot of time and effort, but I quickly found a suitable train and even a convenient place on this site. The train had air conditioning and it was more or less clean, I got there comfortably. Modern railways have become much better, thank you https://zhd.online/
Mikhail Vargunin
Mikhail Vargunin
The site is convenient and fast, all the data for selecting a train and route is available. I found a suitable option and ordered it. The tickets came to the post office quickly. I will install an application from this service to solve such issues even faster.
Dmitry Maslov
Dmitry Maslov
St. Petersburg
Every year we go to the south for a family vacation and, according to tradition, we use Comfort class trains for this. My wife, my child and I occupy almost all the compartments, except for one place, here we will be lucky with a neighbor. This is the only thing that I don't like, but the rest is very convenient. Previously, we had to search for a long time and select the optimal route, but the search ended quite quickly on this service, we found the train, looked at the route, travel time, immediately ordered tickets and continued to get ready for the road. Cool website!
Miron Khomyakov
Miron Khomyakov
Previously, I always flew to the sea by plane, but after the sad events with air transport, I decided to go on vacation by train. The trip time is long, so you need to go with comfort, I bought a ticket to the Comfort car. In general, the trip was pleasant, the temperature was comfortable, they gave out a toothbrush and toothpaste, but the food was not very good. Despite the fact that I bought train tickets for the first time, this site helped me to do it quickly and without difficulties. I was pleased with the opportunity to choose a car and a place. I will add this service to my bookmarks.
Alexander Gromov
Alexander Gromov
We often go with my wife to travel around Russia. And recently we prefer trains, there is a special zest in this. In addition, you can easily take our beloved pet with you, without unnecessary certificates from the veterinarian, you only need a passport of the animal and a ticket for it. We always search in advance and order tickets online on this aggregator, without queues and turmoil, we printed them out at home and went on the road.
Yulia Ustinova
Yulia Ustinova
Not by my own desire, I have traveled by train 4 times (back and forth) over the past year and there is something to tell about our railways. The trains are very different from each other, while the prices and routes are the same. Some "Economy" classes have WiFi, while others do not even have sockets. If you carefully select flights and trains, for which thanks to this service, it always helps out, you can travel for fun.

Forget about the queues at the ticket offices! We have prepared an up-to-date train schedule, which reflects up-to-date information on the departure of trains and the availability of free seats. We have created an application for railway tickets online, with which you can plan a trip in any direction on a comfortable date.

Move around Russia or travel to the CIS countries by booking tickets online without leaving your own home. After installing the reservation for the selected seats and paying for them, you will need to print out the tickets and present them as a travel ticket at departure. A minimum of formalities for your peace of mind!

To register for most railway flights, it is now enough to print out an electronic ticket and present it to the conductor. Each electronic ticket has a unique barcode that allows you to identify the passenger. You can also display information about the purchased e-ticket on the screen of your smartphone. Save your time and take care of your nerves by refusing to stand in queues at railway ticket offices.

/ Advantages of buying railway tickets online /

Our service allows you to develop a travel route on an individual basis, which will include all the stops and transfers you need. It will take no more than ten minutes to prepare a route through our service. Take advantage of our offer and appreciate the advantages of a convenient interface and quick flight search. You will be able to make even the most difficult route in a few minutes. The service will automatically select those flights, transfers between which do not involve a long wait.

You can issue electronic tickets at least one hour before the planned departure time of the train from the selected railway station. Be vigilant when filling out the booking form! The passenger is solely responsible for the correctness of the personal information provided by him and the choice of tickets. Make sure that you have correctly determined the day and time of boarding, selected the direction of movement of the train, the type of car and seats.

/ How to book a train ticket /

After selecting tickets and setting up a reservation, you have 15 minutes left to pay for the trip. You can use the payment method that is convenient for you. If this time was not enough to pay for tickets, the order will be canceled. You will be able to re-book seats when you are ready to pay for tickets.

When making a payment, the operator charges a service fee of 15% of the cost of railway tickets. This amount is used to pay for intermediary services, support costs and business development. The service fee is not charged for children's tickets without a separate seat.

/ Useful information for travelers /
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