Indian Railways will build the world's largest railway platform.

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India has one of the largest rail networks in the world, but this is only part of what makes it an exemplary transport system. The complex matrix of connections it provides across a vast and widely populated country, combined with the impressive frequency of trains to the most remote areas, makes it a very affordable way of travel for many Indians and tourists. Add to this the fact that it is almost 170 years old, and you know why most people believe in this inexpensive form of transport even so many years after its creation.

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The platform at Gorakhpur Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh is the longest station in the world, reaching a whopping 1,366 meters. Previously , the record was set by a platform at Kharagpur Station in West Bengal at an altitude of 1072 m . And in 2021, a new record will be broken again.

Indian Railways plans to build the world's longest railway platform at the Hubbali railway junction in Karnataka, the Deccan Herald reports.

Completion of construction is scheduled for the end of 2021.

The platform is currently 550 meters long, but now it will be expanded to 1505 meters.

The total cost of the entire project will be 90 billion rupees.

"The work was supposed to be completed in June, but due to the situation with Covid-19, there was a shortage of workers. Now more than 250 workers are working, and the project will be completed by the end of January," said the chief public relations specialist of SWR E. Vijaya.

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At the end of the project, the Railway station will receive three new additional platforms, bringing their total number to 8.

«The project includes a line of inspection wagons currently in use, also converted into a full-fledged platform. With the new platforms, trains can depart in both directions at once. The reconstruction of the Hubli courtyard is also underway.»Indian Express» quotes Vijaya's words.

In addition, in addition to the two existing ones, additional entrance/exit gates are being built.

Currently, Gorakhpur Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh is the longest operational platform. 1366 meters long, it was renovated in 2013, and also serves as the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway (NER).

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