Historical route "Yaroslavl-Rybinsk".

Fans of historical themes in travel can now go on a trip on a real steam locomotive along an old route, visit stations that are more than a century old, and see various sights.


Where can you take a ride on an old steam locomotive from Yaroslavl?

Today, Russian Railways offers routes "Bologoe-Ostashkov", "Sortavala-Ruskeala", "Shuya-Ivanovo". And recently, the historical route "Yaroslavl-Rybinsk"was added to these interesting options. This small town will be interesting to anyone who wants to see the sights of ancient Russian cities, enjoy the local color and take spectacular photos against the background of ancient buildings, starting from the railway station and ending with small private houses with shutters.

How do we go on a trip?

Tourists can go on this trip on the P36 train - this is one of the oldest Soviet steam locomotives, which runs on Saturdays instead of the classic trains. The cost of a ticket for a steam train to Rybinsk is only 280 rubles. Quite an affordable price for any traveler, you can go on a trip with a family or a large company.

Excursions on this route are not provided, passengers can only watch videos with stories about steam locomotives on the screens in the car. But you can independently arrange yourself informative moments, going out for a walk at the stations and exploring the city of Rybinsk on arrival.
When can I go to Rybinsk by steam train?

Every week, the locomotive departs from Yaroslavl from the Moscow railway station at 8: 52 and arrives back at 16: 24. At this time, it is very convenient to travel on a weekend, you can have time to walk around the city and see everything that will be interesting.

Passengers also have the opportunity to leave the main station, but it is more convenient to photograph the locomotive on Moskovsky, and you can also shoot shots with views of the picturesque Kotorosl River. Not far from this river there is also a station where you can also take a steam train.

On the route from Yaroslavl to Rybinsk, there are many historical unreconstructed stations: for example, Chebakovo station, built in 1898, Toropovo, Lom station and even a hut on chicken legs. Tourists often get the impression that they are in an old Russian fairy tale.


And what does the train station in Rybinsk itself look like?

At the Rybinsk railway station, you can see the canopy over the platform, restored historical doors and interiors. The station looks authentic and at the same time neat, the building has been updated, the doors and walls are painted, so that the old station pleases the eye.

The locomotive arrives in Rybinsk at 11: 07, and departs back at 16: 24! You have six hours to walk around the city, go to museums and have a delicious snack. We remind you that a round-trip ticket comes with a 20% discount.This is more than enough to get acquainted with all the sights of this small town.

The locomotive carrying passengers to Rybinsk looks very bright and colorful, the photos on its background are very spectacular: you seem to be transported to the past a couple of centuries ago. This trip will appeal to both the residents of Yaroslavl and the guests of the city, it will be very informative for the youngest travelers who have previously seen steam locomotives only in the picture in children's books.

Do you want to take a ride along the historical route? You can buy tickets at the Moscow Railway station in Yaroslavl.

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