Transportation of hand luggage on trains.

When going on a trip, passengers often ask themselves the question: what to take, how to pack, and most importantly, how much luggage can be taken. Today we will analyze what kind of hand luggage can be carried on the train.

ручная кладь

There are several basic rules regarding the carriage of baggage. The main thing is that one baggage space is provided for one ticket (travel document). The rules do not apply to children's tickets without providing a seat. This does not apply to small things, they can be safely transported. The weight of the baggage must not exceed 36 kilograms and not more than 50 kilograms for double cars of the SV. In addition, the size of the transported items should not exceed the sum of three dimensions (height, width and length) does not exceed 180 centimeters. If the luggage is larger, then it has a place in the baggage car. But for hand luggage, there are exceptions and nuances.

Children and wheelchairs, as well as other technical means of rehabilitation necessary for their movement, can be transported in excess of the norm. This applies to both commuter trains and long-distance trains.

But various sports equipment can be carried out in the car, but with an additional surcharge. For luggage weighing up to 10 kilograms, a bicycle fee is charged. It is important that it is disassembled without the motor, is in the case and does not create discomfort during the trip to other passengers. If the requirements cannot be met, the bike is sent to the luggage compartment. At the same rate, it is possible to transport hunting and sporting weapons. The tariff applies only to one weapon unit. During transportation, the inventory must be placed in a separate special case or case, and the cartridge must be kept separately.

But snowboards, skis and packs for them will not require additional payment in transportation and registration of documents for transportation. Place this baggage next to you or in a place for hand luggage in such a way that the inventory does not get dirty and does not interfere with other passengers of the car.

ручная кладь

Kayaks, kayaks and paddles are also placed in the car on the principle of "do not disturb others". But the fee for them will be at the rate of baggage weighing up to 30 kilograms. And not specific equipment-sports poles can only be carried in a compartment or a car. For one travel ticket, no more than two poles, payment at the baggage rate of no more than 10 kilograms.

In addition to hand luggage, passengers have the right to carry various equipment for an additional fee. It should also not exceed the total measurement of more than 180 centimeters, and no more than one vehicle is allowed for one travel ticket.

Show respect to other passengers, do not place your luggage in the aisles, between the seats or in the vestibules. Also, when boarding, disembarking or moving with luggage, it must not get dirty or cause discomfort to other passengers, it must be in a special case or case.

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