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I am located outside the Russian Federation, how can I get a ticket?
You can make a ticket from anywhere in the world. Payment of the reservation is carried out with a credit card or through any payment system. You can choose the most comfortable option for yourself.
A control coupon is used as confirmation of the purchase. Immediately after the full payment of the reservation you will receive it by e-mail, the address of which was indicated. The control coupon contains all the key conditions that a buyer must fulfill in order to board a wagon.
How secure is my payment?
We strictly monitor the security of each payment in order to prevent cases of fraud of personal information of customers. Before entering your credit card information, you will be taken to a secure payment page. All information about the payments made is transmitted to the processing center using innovative SSL encryption technologies.
We do not allow the transfer of information from a client’s bank card to unauthorized persons. To perform additional cardholder authentication using the 3D Secure protocol. If your card is issued by a bank that supports the appropriate technology, then when making a payment, you will be immediately redirected to the bank server, where you can enter additional payment details.
If you have any questions regarding the payment, you can contact the support team in any convenient way - by e-mail or by calling the hotline +7 (495) 269-83-67.
I am a foreign citizen. How can I get a ticket? I have no middle name. How can I make a reservation?
You just need to choose the right type of document at the stage of ticketing. You should select “Foreign document” and fill in the information in full accordance with the data given in the document. In the absence of a middle name, in the appropriate field you just need to put a dash.
Can I make a purchase of a children's ticket through your website with bonuses offered by Russian Railways?
Passengers under 5 years old who do not occupy a separate seat can use the right of free travel. To do this, it is enough to issue a free children's ticket. For passengers under 10 years of age, you can purchase a ticket with a special discount and the provision of a separate seat. The provision and calculation of discounts occur automatically. Calculation of the age of the child is carried out at the time of the trip. Attention: you can issue a child ticket only at the same time as buying an adult.
Can I take an animal on a trip. Will I need to issue a separate ticket?

For all domestic transportation, general rules apply. In long-distance trains, passengers are entitled to carry small animals and birds in hand luggage, in the prescribed form. One ticket purchased can have no more than one place for animals. This means that one passenger can carry no more than 2 birds or animals at a time. Please note: carriage of birds and animals may involve additional costs from the passenger.
Small pets, birds, and small dogs can be transported in a basket, crate, cage, or container. The container is located on special places intended for hand luggage. Each such place should be no more than 180 cm in the sum of three measurements. In certain types of wagons, the transport of small animals is prohibited.

Before purchasing a ticket, make sure that the carriage of animals is allowed in the car of your choice. If you have issued a ticket in a carriage where transportation of pets is prohibited, then at the ticket office of the station you can additionally issue transportation documentation. This procedure can be completed at any time before the departure of the train. It is not possible to make a return of purchased tickets after sending the train.

In certain types of wagons, the transport of animals is strictly prohibited. If you mistakenly booked a seat in such a carriage, you will have to return the ticket to the ticket office and re-book suitable seats.

Cats, dogs, certain breeds of birds and rodents, mollusks and aquarium fish, small non-toxic amphibians, as well as animals from the category of arthropods are classified as small pets.
When boarding a train, you need to provide the controller with the appropriate veterinary documentation for each large animal. For small pets, the provision of veterinary documentation when traveling through the territory of the Russian Federation is not required. If small animals are transported without buying a special ticket, their owner assumes responsibility for damage to the carrier’s property and other possible consequences. Ensuring basic sanitary standards in the car, where the pet is located, becomes the main task of the owner.
The passenger also has the opportunity to transport large dogs on long-distance trains, provided the latter have a muzzle and a leash. The animal must be continuously monitored by the owner or other companion. In this situation, the passenger will be forced to pay the cost of all seats in the compartment. Buying a separate ticket for your pet is no longer required.

Specially trained service dogs with dog handlers can be in a train carriage in a muzzle and on a short leash in one of the compartments of a special compartment carriage under round-the-clock supervision by a dog handler. The passenger also pays for empty seats in the compartment. It should be remembered that according to the rules of transportation, the number of animals transported cannot be more than the available seats in the compartment.

Guide dogs are in a special position. They get the right to travel freely in railway cars of various categories. The animal must have protective accessories (muzzle and collar). A guide dog should be at the feet of its owner.

Wild animals cannot under any circumstances be transported by rail, regardless of the type of wagon selected.

What type of train can I issue an electronic ticket for?
This type of document can be issued no later than 59 minutes. before the departure of the train from the platform where passengers are landing. Please note: the Express system provides for a technological break in the first two days of the week lasts 30 minutes from 3:30 to 4:00 and on other days lasts 20 minutes from 3:30 to 3:50 Moscow time. You cannot buy this ticket at this time.
You can familiarize yourself in advance with the list of trains for which the sale of electronic tickets is open:
  • all domestic Russian flights, with the exception of trains that travel to / from the Kaliningrad region, where the route passes through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • trains serving suburban destinations and involving the provision of passengers with separate seats (related to the formation of the PSD “CSPC”), traveling from Moscow to Vladimir, Kaluga, Ryazan, Dubna, Tula, Alexandrov, Orekhovo-Zuevo;
  • trains serving international routes within the CIS countries (with an end point on the territory of Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Abkhazia, Estonia).

E-tickets can be issued for international trains. They cover foreign countries and the territory of Crimea. With a complete list of destinations for which you can purchase electronic tickets, you can find out by examining the plate at the bottom.

It is possible to issue a ticket online in a strictly limited period of time.
Subject to availability, electronic tickets are sold:

  • for trains of domestic traffic - within about 3 months prior to the date of departure of the train (in exceptional cases - within 120, 45 or 2 months);
  • on trains with the following long-distance routes, running in the Russian Federation or as part of transport links with the Republic of Abkhazia, as well as on a number of international routes - within 60 days before the date of travel;
  • on long-distance trains within the framework of transport links with the CIS and Baltic countries, with the exception of individual states, within 60 days;
  • for trains to Moldova and Ukraine - not earlier than 30 days before the departure of the train.

The sale of digital tickets to any suburban areas where passengers are provided with seats will be open 10 days before the departure date. Online ticketing is possible at least one hour before the departure of the train from the passenger station. If boarding is carried out from a station located in a foreign territory where electronic registration for boarding is not carried out, then the sale of electronic tickets is terminated one day before departure. If the departure is carried out from Ukrainian territory, then the sale of electronic tickets stops no later than the date following the current one.

The implementation of boarding passes for domestic trains is opened in all cities of the Russian Federation simultaneously. In Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, sales start at 05:00 Moscow time. The implementation of boarding passes for trains, the route of which begins in Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Latvia and Estonia, starts at 08:00 Moscow time. At the time of transition of European countries to winter time, the sale of railway tickets will be open at 09:00 Moscow time.

Be careful: the Express system provides for a technological break in the first 2 days of the week lasts 30 minutes from 3:30 to 4:00 and on the rest of the week exactly 20 minutes from 3:30 to 3:50 Moscow time. Electronic booking of seats is not available during this period.

Most Russian Railways discounts apply to tickets purchased online. Acquisition of seats is possible not only at an adult, but also at children's rates. For younger passengers without a separate seat, you can buy a non-cash ticket. Reservation of trains is also available at special rates.
Within the framework of one order, it is possible to purchase no more than four passenger seats in wagons of the same type. If boarding is to be carried out in different types of cars, several orders for each type of cars will be required. If you plan to purchase seats in a male or female compartment, be sure to make sure that you have chosen the correct gender when filling out the order form.

When you receive up-to-date information on availability, you see reliable information about the cost of train tickets. This rule does not apply to routes from Finland and Ukraine, where the cost of tickets becomes available for display immediately before paying for the order of electronic tickets. These inconveniences are caused by the technological specifics of the electronic ticketing system.

Please note: you can choose a convenient payment method and purchase electronic tickets within 15 minutes from the time of booking. After this time, the order will be canceled if you do not have time to perform the necessary actions. In such a situation, you will have to go through the booking process again.
If you have chosen a route with transfers, be extremely careful and attentive. This will help prevent lateness and other annoying misunderstandings. Make allowance for unforeseen circumstances and choose tickets so that at the transfer point you have at least 3 hours of free time left.


In VIP, SV and compartment cars, the cost of bed linen is always included in the price of a train ticket. If you chose a reserved seat car of the Russian Railways for boarding, then payment for bed linen can be made directly when paying for the ticket. To do this, just check the box next to the corresponding field.
On the site you can refuse to pay bed linen. If in the future the need for its use arises, then you can purchase the kit directly on the train from the conductor. If there is no need for bedding, a mattress with a pillow will be at your disposal.

Important points when issuing tickets online for specific train types and service levels

When buying tickets for trains in SV and Lux ​​cars, payment is made for the whole compartment. In one compartment can be no more than two people. If you plan to send two passengers, then the personal data of each of them must be entered in the order form. In the wagons of the carrier JSC FPC, performing domestic transportation, it is also possible to have a third passenger in a compartment no older than 10 years, but with a preliminary non-cash ticket. In service classes “1B” and “1E”, passengers under 10 years of age are subject to the child’s fare. If you are planning to depart in a Lux carriage from the territory of the Republic of Latvia, then you need to contact the ticket office of the station directly to obtain a non-cash ticket.

Double-carriage and Single-car seats are provided in the SV train cars of the following international routes. In the first case, the passenger pays and takes one seat in the compartment, but with him the neighbor who buys the second place will go on a trip. Single tickets stipulate that a passenger fully redeems seats in a compartment.
In cars of the Lux series of international trains, passengers always receive tickets in a Single compartment, regardless of the chosen international class of service.
In trains of the Sapsan type, there is a unique opportunity to place an order in the salon-negotiation room. To take advantage of this offer, the passenger must pay for the whole compartment. In one compartment can be no more than four people. When buying a ticket for each passenger compartment must be provided with personal information. Passengers under 10 years old have a special child fare.
In a business-class compartment of the commuter trains serving the Moscow-Tula-Moscow route, an online ticket can only be purchased if the entire compartment is paid. In one compartment, there can be no more than four passengers whose personal information was included in the reservation request. Passengers under 7 years old have a special children's fare.

The site is unavailable:

  • reservation of seats without further payment;
  • issuing tickets online for passengers with a preferential status of citizens, where it is necessary to document the right to use the benefits;
  • online purchase of tickets to places for non-strolling citizens;
  • making changes to the purchased electronic ticket;
  • online purchase of travel documents for citizens traveling to the Kaliningrad region through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • online purchase of tickets for international trains, which are not in the list of available routes;
  • online purchase of travel documents at a children's fare for seats in cars of the "Lux" category, traveling to foreign countries;
  • purchase of electronic tickets for any trains of the State Unitary Enterprise “Crimean Railway” and PC JSC “RAILWAYS OF YAKUTIA”;
  • issuing tickets for trains of suburban services, with the exception of trains of the Central Suburban Passenger Company, implying the provision of individual seats for passengers;
  • issuing electronic boarding passes for trains of the Finnish railways, if there is no possibility of buying a return electronic ticket;
  • issuance of an electronic ticket with departure from the Ukrainian station, if there is no possibility of purchasing an electronic ticket for today and the next date;
  • issuance of an electronic ticket less than 60 minutes before the departure of the train from the passenger station;
  • issuance of an electronic ticket with departure from the territory of the CIS countries if the attempt of electronic registration is made less than a day before the departure of the selected train.

If the departure is carried out from Ukrainian territory, then the issuance of children's cash tickets is possible only at the station ticket offices.
Luggage and pets are not available online.

Can I reissue an electronic ticket for a different date or change the passenger details?
This option is not available. Only issuing a refund with repeated purchase of a ticket in the name of another passenger or on another selected date is allowed.
What should I do if my passport contains personal information in two languages?
When buying tickets for domestic trains, personal information must be indicated in Russian. If a passenger chooses an international route, then personal information can be indicated in Latin letters.
I made a mistake when entering personal information. How can I fix it?
The carrier makes one mistake in the passenger's last name and one more mistake in his personal information. If you have made a larger number of errors, and the information on the ticket is not true, then you need to issue a refund and re-purchase the ticket, filling out the fields more carefully.
I bought a ticket, but accounting requires me to report on the trip. How can I get a document for a paid service charge?
Each passenger gets access to his personal account, where order information is available to him, as well as a receipt for the paid service charge.
After buying a ticket, I changed my passport due to the loss of the previous document, reaching 20 or 45 years, marriage. Do I need to change a ticket?
Ticket return procedure is not required. In case of replacing the passport, upon boarding the passenger, it is enough to present the details of the previous document and information about the new passport (page 19 with a note on replacing the document). If the document was lost, then a certificate from law enforcement agencies will be required. If the replacement of the passport was carried out in connection with the marriage, then in addition the passenger must have a certificate of marriage with him.
Can I provide a notarized copy instead of the original passport upon boarding?
According to the rules established by the carrier, the passenger must present the original document proving his identity.
Why on the site I can’t make out a ticket purchase without providing a separate seat for a child of 8 years in a soft carriage?
The possibility of providing a free ticket for a child is determined by the wagon category and carrier requirements. The redemption of a compartment in a soft carriage must be carried out by the passenger as a whole; discounts are not possible within the framework of the children's tariff. If an adult with a child goes on a trip, you will need to purchase two adult seats in a soft carriage. A non-cash child ticket can be issued only in separate compartments, provided that two adults go on a trip with the child.
I plan to purchase tickets for five passengers, but the form provides fields for personal information of only four people. What should I do?
In one order you can buy no more than 4 tickets. If the seats will be located in cars or compartments of various types, as well as with a larger number of passengers, several separate tickets must be issued. Break tickets into two orders.
How can I get relevant information on the route, train schedule?
You just need to go to the ticket search form and enter information about the departure date, as well as the start and end points of the route. The system will automatically select the most suitable offers that you can use.
Sale of electronic tickets to domestic destinations begins 90 days before the departure of the train from the passenger station. Under the number of each train, more detailed information about it is presented. The system also displays information on the annual train schedule, its route and reviews of other passengers.
Please note: certain trains are very popular, so tickets for them are sold out much faster. Often this happens a few weeks before the departure of the train. If any passenger passes their tickets, they will be available again. As a rule, passengers manage to save money if they buy tickets in advance.
How to clarify information about free train tickets and to clarify their cost?
In the search form, specify the start and end points of the route, the desired departure date and click on the ticket search button. The system will automatically select the most suitable offers with departure from your chosen station. Opposite each train will be indicated information on the number of available seats and the cost of tickets. Certain trains may not have tickets for sale. You can get information about their approximate cost if you delete the departure date and get information about free tickets for all dates.
How can I put a reservation on a ticket?
In accordance with the rules of the carrier, payment for train tickets must be made within 15 minutes. If you did not have enough time to make a payment, then the tickets will go on sale again. Hurry up, especially if there are very few tickets left on the selected date. Call center staff will not be able to issue tickets by phone. You can get tickets yourself by spending no more than four minutes on this. Take a few simple steps:
  • select the start and end points of the route;
  • use the search for a suitable train and the best places;
  • make payment for tickets with electronic money or a credit card;
  • get registered e-tickets.
How can I get my tickets purchased?
Choose one of three available methods:
  • getting a ticket at the box office;
  • the passage of electronic registration, after which you can save the electronic ticket on your smartphone or print on the printer;
  • print a ticket in a special terminal at the railway station.
Be sure to bring along the document that you used to purchase the electronic ticket.
Payment by credit card does not work. What do i do?
Make sure you enter the characters from the one-time password correctly. Sometimes banks ask the user for additional confirmation of the operation. This protects bank cardholders from fraudulent fraud. The payment is confirmed after the user enters the characters from the verification SMS sent by the bank. If you messed up the characters, make a second attempt.
A one-time password is sent by the bank. If you have any difficulties, be sure to contact your bank representative to find a solution to the problem. Make a second attempt to pay for the order.
Make sure that the data you enter matches the information on the card. You could have made a mistake in the card number or expiration date.
Make sure your credit card balance is positive.
Check in the contact center of the bank if you can pay with the selected card when making purchases via the Internet.
When returning the ticket, I received money on the bank card with which payment was made. Why did this happen?
We care about the safety of your finances, therefore, we strive to protect you as much as possible from scammers. Only when returning money to the bank card with which the payment was made, we can be sure that you received it.
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