Grafsky Train is a business card of the Central Federal District

Suburban routes are not often popular. But the "Count's train" is a pleasant exception to the rule. It runs on the Eastern Railway and, thanks to its uniqueness, was able to become a real business card of the region. To visit Voronezh and not ride this train is a big mistake. Let's see what such an excursion offers.


The train departs from Voronezh-1 station every Saturday at 9:35 am. The route is relatively new, it was opened in August 2021. Its opening was timed to coincide with the 155th anniversary of the South-Eastern Railway.

First, an electric locomotive is at the head of the train, and at the Grafskaya station it will be replaced by a steam locomotive (a restored Soviet L-2349). While the replacement is being carried out (parking time is 50 minutes), passengers can walk around the Grafskaya station. And there is something to see here. After major restoration, the platform and the station building also began to correspond to the style of the XIX century.

At 11:35 the train arrives at Ramon station. Here passengers will have a sightseeing tour of the open-air museum. You can see samples of railway equipment of the past centuries. The main exhibit is an old all-metal passenger car. The bicycle tire is also popular with tourists. You can sit on it and take pictures.

The journey does not end at Ramon station. Passengers transfer to a comfortable bus and go on a two-hour tour of the Oldenburg Palace complex. Travelers will be able to visit inside the palace. Even in those rooms that are closed to the general public. Here is such an exclusive. After walking around the palace, tourists have 2 more hours of free time. Before they set off on their way back.

At the moment, the cost of such an excursion is 964 rubles. A system of benefits relating to commuter rail transport applies to travel on a County train.

The price includes:

• train fare;

• bus transfer;

• guided tours in the palace complex.

The price may change over time. The actual cost can be specified at the Voronezh-1 station. You can also buy tickets right here. For such a trip, you need to allocate a whole day, since the train returns back 9.5 hours after departure.


Each compartment of the retro train has an individual design. The general style corresponds to the end of the XIX - early XX century. Everywhere you can see the emblem of the "Count's Train". Antique lamps are installed on the tables. And on the walls there are paintings depicting landscapes of the South-Eastern Railway. But at the same time, the composition is not devoid of modern amenities. There is an electronic scoreboard in each car. There are sockets under each shelf. There are two toilets at the end of the car. There is a special photo booth where you can take interesting pictures. On one shelf there is a figure of a man. It is immediately obvious that this is a real gentleman, perhaps the count himself.

In the photo, he looks very naturalistic. It's hard to believe it's a mannequin. Besides, he can change hats.

There are beautiful tablecloths on the tables in the compartment. The windows are covered with plush curtains with tassels.

Updated route (from 2022)

From April 23, 2022, the route of the Grafsky train has been supplemented with another station. Now Ramon is not the final destination, but an intermediate point of the tourist route. After a sightseeing tour of the Oldenburg Palace complex, tourists continue by car to the village of Nelzha. There is a great family recreation park here, and visiting it is sure to leave vivid impressions in your memory.

Due to the addition of a new point in the tourist route, the departure and arrival times change slightly. Departure is still at 9:35, arrival at 18:08 on the same day. Reduced free time after visiting the Oldenburg Palace complex. You can now go on such an exciting trip not only on Saturday, but also on Sunday.

Also, due to high demand, the Count train received an additional car in 2022, and now it can carry 102 passengers instead of 48, as before. Earlier, passengers claimed that it was necessary to book a trip six months in advance. With an increase in the number of seats, this problem will be partially solved. Although demand still exceeds supply.

Secrets of route popularity

There are many tourist routes in Russia, and each of them is interesting in its own way. But the Count's train attracts attention immediately. It is short – only 2 cars, but they are very richly decorated. When else will you see this. At the head is a beautiful black locomotive with red wheels. It glistens with grease and blows solidly on the platform, releasing thick steam to the delight of onlookers. Formally, photo and video shooting is prohibited on the platform. But it does not stop those who want to capture such beauty. Railway guards treat tourists loyally.

The staff is dressed appropriately. The driver is wearing an old-fashioned French jacket and a cap with a lacquered visor. The guides are in equally old-fashioned coats and elegant hats. Uniforms are sewn in the studio strictly by individual standards, for each employee of a unique train. Getting on this train, tourists seem to go back two centuries ago. At the time when Russia was ruled by emperors and tsars. Violin music sounds inside the train, which enhances the effect of returning to the past.

Of course, all this is a prop. It is no longer possible to use vintage wagons. This is prohibited by modern security regulations. However, the trackmen skillfully made up ordinary passenger cars for the Count's train. And only with a very strong desire can you find something to find fault with. Is it necessary? Why not just enjoy an amazing journey on the Count's train along this unique route.

The tourists themselves are not far behind. On such a trip, they try to dress appropriately so as not to stand out with modern outfits and accessories. Many take vintage suitcases with them. Some of them have been waiting for the trip for many months. It was time to prepare. And certainly no one even thinks of expressing their dissatisfaction in such an environment. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find negative reviews about the Count's train. The passengers are happy. To ride on the Count's train, they specially come from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. And the last secret of popularity is the price. Yes, if you go along the same route by train, it will be even cheaper. But let's not confuse an ordinary trip with a trip. There can be no comparison either in terms of the saturation of the program or the brightness of the impressions. This is really an affordable price for everyone. That's why they sort tickets very quickly. Would you like to ride on such a train?

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