Are the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory opening?

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Krasnodar Krai offers to spend a summer vacation at its resorts. A lot of interesting news appears about the rest there, so we have compiled a small digest about which prohibitions related to the coranavirus remain, and which have already been lifted.

Resorts of Krasnodar Krai

The official opening of the country's resorts is expected on July 1, the Krasnodar Territory is no exception. Some Black Sea sanatoriums, boarding houses and hotels have started their work since the 1st of this month. Since June 19, parks and squares have been opened, some large shops, cafes and restaurants are open with restrictions, walking on the streets is allowed. At the same time, the mask regime is observed in public places and transport.

Despite the fact that hotels have started their work and you can visit some beaches that have managed to equip according to the new requirements of social distancing, many denied themselves a trip. That's because if you cross the border of the region, you need to be quarantined at your place of residence for two weeks after the trip. And this will have to be done at your own expense for working travelers. Such a requirement remains in some regions, with regard to the Krasnodar Territory, restrictions are lifted from June 21. Now, coming to the region will not require self-isolation after arrival. The exceptions are those who live abroad.

Resorts of Krasnodar Krai

Also, from June 21, all hotels and boarding houses will open, mass events with a maximum of 100 participants are allowed. All visitors will have their temperature measured and take a test for antibodies to COVID-19. Therefore, before the trip, you will not need to take tests in advance, and carry certificates. But we recommend that you still take the test yourself before the trip. If one of the guests has a positive test result, the institution will be quarantined and it immediately turns into an observatory.

Tourists will be able to move around the city quietly. The main thing is not to forget the mask, no one has canceled their wearing, but there are expectations that this requirement may be lifted soon. But at least, it is already possible to purposefully book accommodation and go on a long-awaited vacation. Krasnodar Krai is now one of those options where you can relax, and train tickets can be purchased on our website.

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