Moskovsky train station: so big and central.

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In 1844, according to the project of architect Konstantin Ton, the first stone was laid for the construction of a railway station in the center of St. Petersburg. By 1951, the Nikolaevsky railway Station was erected and inaugurated, which outwardly is the "twin" of the Leningrad railway station in Moscow, from which small features distinguish it. It's no secret that the purpose of the construction of the station was to connect St. Petersburg with the capital. The station underwent several reconstructions as passenger traffic increased. In addition, it changed its name to Oktyabrsky railway station, and since 1930 it has been known to everyone as Moscow.

Moskovsky Railway Station is one of the five largest railway stations in Russia and one of the three busiest. About 32 pairs of long-distance trains and 47 pairs of suburban trains depart and arrive from it every day. This is more than 15 thousand long-distance passengers and more than 27 thousand people traveling by train. It is a remarkable fact that it was at the Moscow railway station that some amenities appeared for the first time in the country, which are still available in all stations in Russia. For example, business halls, canopies, ticket and ticket center, high-comfort waiting rooms.

Moskovsky Train Station is located in the very center of St. Petersburg. Therefore, you can get on it from any end of the city by any public transport. The nearest metro stations are – «Moskovskaya» and «Mayakovskaya». There is a small paid parking near the station, as well as a lot of parking spaces in the shopping mall "Gallery", which is located next to the station building. But parking there is also paid. Therefore, if you use a carsharing, personal or rented car, or taxi services, keep in mind that there may be difficulties with free parking and you will not have a chance to park near the entrance to the station, or take a long time to get / clean things. Such a good location and a large amount of transport will allow you to easily get to the airport "Pulkovo", the bus station, or to other stations of the city. In addition, acquaintance with the city already begins as soon as you leave the station. Therefore, no matter what time you come to St. Petersburg, you will have time to get acquainted with the main street and the architecture of the city. Most of the sights and iconic places can be reached on foot, or by any transport you can drive several stops.

Trains from the station run to the south and east of Russia, as well as to Azerbaijan, Abkhazia and Ukraine. More than thirty trains of various classes run between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Including the high-speed "Peregrine Falcon" and "Swallow", branded "Red Arrow", "Nevsky Express", "Two capitals". In addition, branded trains for other destinations, such as Volga, Samara, Volga Region, Textile Region and others, are never empty. From the center of St. Petersburg, you can go to Sukhum, Makhachkala, Vladikavkaz, Ufa, Adler, Smolensk, Veliky Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Novorossiysk, Ivanov, Kislovodsk, Astrakhan, Yaroslavl, Sevastopol, Anapa, Kislovodsk and other cities. By commuter trains you can go to Exactly, Msu, Lyuban, Shapki, Sosnovo, Kuznechnoye, Kirishi, Slantsy, Vyritsa, Oranienbaum, Volkhovstroy and other settlements of the Leningrad region. In winter, a free train «Ski arrow» runs for outdoor enthusiasts. Skiers living in St. Petersburg can ride it with a special ticket.

Moskovsky railway station

For the convenience of passengers, the following services are provided: information desk, pharmacy, cafe, shops, including souvenir, cellular communication services. There are waiting rooms, including superior comfort, where you can use wi-fi services for an additional fee, charge a mobile device or laptop, call a porter, call a taxi, use a computer or a business lounge, make copies of documents and much more. In addition, recreation rooms are provided on the territory. It is possible to accommodate up to 4 people in a room, providing a bed for up to 6 hours, or for several days. Therefore, if you need to rest before your trip, then this is a great opportunity to spend the night or pass a few hours. But do not forget that you are in the city center, across the street from the train station is the Oktyabrskaya hotel, as well as many other hotels and hostels, where even in high season you can find comfortable accommodation. On the territory of the station there are round-the-clock luggage storage – automatic and serviced. They are paid, located in the main hall on the right, down the stairs. Look for a sign with a briefcase.

Moskovsky railway station

Once again, we note that the location of the station allows you not only to enjoy the beauty of the city, but also to use the entire infrastructure. There are many shops and shopping complexes nearby, you can have lunch with any fast food, or go to a good restaurant. You can easily get to any part of the city, just do not forget that St. Petersburg is a city of drawbridges and at night the journey may take a little longer. And most importantly, from Moskovsky to Leningradsky railway station is only 4 hours by "Peregrine Falcon", which allows you to quickly move between the two cities.

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