Multimodal transportation and a single ticket – what is it?

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When buying a train ticket, many passengers face difficulties when they do not understand what a particular term means. Today we decided to tell in detail what multimodal transportation is, why it is convenient and what gives a single ticket.

Multimodal transportation

The very concept of "multimodal transportation" on the railway is more often applied to the transportation of goods by various modes of transport, which is organized by one carrier. But more and more often it is used by passengers, as it means transportation by train and by bus.

Multimodal transportation started on Russian railways in 2018. Their main advantage is an increase in accessibility for passengers from remote settlements and the tourist attractiveness of the subjects of the Russian Federation. But such transportation is carried out on dedicated routes: Belgorod – Alekseevka – Rossosh – Adler; Moscow – Stary Oskol – Valuiki; Moscow – Yaroslavl – Vologda; St. Petersburg – Yaroslavl – Kostroma; Moscow – Arzamas – Diveevo; Yekaterinburg – Serov – Bauxite; communication with the Kaliningrad region; communication with Yakutsk; communication with the Kursk region; Saratov – Domodedovo – Domodedovo Airport.

The demand for a single ticket (train + bus) is growing every year, so new routes appear every year. And new ones have already been launched this year. On January 31, multimodal trains went to the resorts of the Elbrus region: Neutrino, Elbrus, Tegenekli, Baydaevo, Itkol, Cheget, Terskol, Azau. This opened the way for travelers who are fond of mountain sports to conquer Russian mountain peaks.

It is worth noting another advantage, the arrival and departure times of trains are docked with buses. Therefore, the transfer will be comfortable and will reduce the travel time.
For this type of ticket, slightly different rules of purchase and registration apply. It can be purchased no later than 12 hours before the start of bus transportation. The same goes for the refund. For children under 10 years old, a ticket is issued to the bus at the full fare, as well as for preferential categories of citizens with special coupons.

Multimodal transportation

Please note that a train ticket is purchased for a specific place, and on the bus accommodation is carried out for free seats.

According to the plans of JSC "Russian Railways", an increase in the number of multimodal transportation, including to foreign destinations, after the full opening of borders. Perhaps in the near future, a single ticket will be expanded and another type of transport will be available in addition to buses. For example, an airplane, ferry, or road transport.

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