Samara Railway Station: the highest railway station in Europe.

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Samara Railway Station is a local landmark, and has also become one of the symbols of the city. And, of course, it is used for its intended purpose. The most interesting fact about this building is that the train station is the tallest among the train stations in Europe. A little history and practical information is in our article.

samara train station

Let's start with the fact that the building that is now functioning is a modern building. The old railway station building was built in 1876 in the Italian style, and it could accommodate no more than 980 people. The design of the modern building began in 1996, while the functioning of the old one did not stop. The first launch complex was put into operation in 1999, and the next year the second, as well as a pedestrian tunnel and a forecourt. And by the end of 2001, the high-rise part of the building was opened.

This avant-garde project with an atrium, air passages and Italian glass instead of walls covers an area of more than 32,000 square meters. At the same time, the station accommodates 2,600 people, which is many times more than the previous building. Passenger traffic has also increased, now it is 16 thousand passengers daily. The height of the main building together with the spire is 101 meters. This allowed him to occupy the status of the tallest railway station building in Europe. Around the dome there is an observation deck, which is located at the level of the 18th floor. Therefore, we recommend you to stay at the train station and enjoy the incredible beauty of the city view from the Volga embankment to the Bezymyanka districts. Samara railway station looks like a spaceship, and the night lighting adds a special magic and modern charm to the building.

The complex of structures includes a station forecourt, 2 pedestrian tunnels, 8 boarding platforms and 6 fully functional floors of the station building. If you need to meet or escort someone, there are no parking problems around the station, there are both paid and a large number of free places. In addition, it is easily accessible from anywhere in Samara. You can get there by bus, tram, trolleybus, minibus and taxi. We do not recommend taking the metro, the nearest station is 3.5 kilometers from the railway station.

samara railway station

The station itself is comfortable and clean, offers many services and amenities for its passengers. Therefore, you can spend time waiting for your train with benefit. In addition to the fact that you can climb to the observation deck, you can spend your leisure time on the second floor of the building in the Museum of the Kuibyshev Railway. Also have time to enjoy the architectural solution of the station, in the center of the building there is an atrium with a magnificent winter garden and an active fountain. On the territory of the railway complex there is free wi-fi, waiting rooms, including two paid ones with increased comfort, on the 3rd floor there are various cafes, also in the building you will find a souvenir shop, kiosks, and before a long road you can look into the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God. Special charging stations are installed to recharge mobile devices. The building houses the Transit Hotel, where you can book rooms of various comfort levels. Of course, the standard list of amenities includes: luggage storage, a medical center, a business hall, a children's playground, information and reference services, porter services and much more. In addition, the building itself and the facilities are designed for people with disabilities.

Electronic displays with current data on trains, platform numbers and tracks are posted:

· on the street at the entrance to the building;
· in the building — in the transition zone from the ticket offices to the waiting rooms;
· in the waiting room — near the exit to the platform, the train number and the time of its departure are displayed directly.

samara train station

But first of all, the Samara Railway Station is a major transport hub that connects Europe and Asia, so the station serves not only passenger transportation in Russia, but also trains moving to neighboring countries. The station accepts more than 140 trains, including two branded ones.

Train directions from Samara station:

· eastern: Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok, Orenburg, etc.;
· southern: Volgograd, Sochi, Novorossiysk and others.;
· western: Penza, Moscow, Simferopol, Minsk, etc.;
· northern: Kazan, Gorky, St. Petersburg and others;
· Central Asian: Astana, Bishkek, Karaganda, Tashkent.

In addition, commuter trains depart from here to the stations: Kinel, Buzuluk, Pokhvistnevo, Mirnaya, Novootradnaya, Syzran-1, Bezenchuk, Novokuibyshevskaya, Kurumoch, Zhiguli Sea.

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