Golden Eagle is the best tourist train

You can ride the amazing train, which is called the Golden Eagle, only a few times a year. It runs only as part of tourist tours. And this is one of the best tourist trains, not only in Russia, but also in the world. What is special about it and how much does it cost to travel on it? Let's take a closer look.

The Golden Eagle has been plying the Trans-Siberian Railway since 2007. The main direction – Moscow – Vladivostok. On the way, passengers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the gastronomic delights of certain areas, attend excursions and cultural events of those settlements where the train makes a stop. These are cities such as Kazan, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk (Lake Baikal), Ulan-Ude, Ulaanbaatar. Thus, tourists get acquainted with the peculiarities of Tatar and Mongolian culture, visit Siberia and the Far East. It is noteworthy that you can taste national dishes not only in the city, but also directly on the train, during the trip. The cook cooks borscht, Siberian dumplings, etc. And passing Baikal, every traveler will have the opportunity to treat himself to a real smoked omul. Extra-class specialists with experience in servicing the country's top leadership work in the kitchen.


A trip on the Golden Eagle will definitely be unforgettable. Moreover, impressions will remain not only from the fantastic landscapes outside the window, but also from the train itself. This is a train of the highest level. Externally, it does not differ much from other trains, except that the color of the cars is blue. But inside there is luxury worthy of kings. Each compartment has a separate toilet and shower with all necessary toiletries, TVs and air conditioners. Some compartments are equipped with underfloor heating. Silver compartments do not differ in size from ordinary ones, but gold ones are much larger. They are equipped with double beds, tables, chairs. This is 11 square meters of genuine luxury. Accommodation in them is no different from accommodation in a 5-star hotel. You can use the Internet, listen to the radio. For guests – bathrobes and slippers. Each compartment has fresh flowers and fruits, a mini-bar. Cleaning is done daily, bed linen is changed every three days, but more often on request. There is a special button to call the explorer.

There are 19 cars in total, but only 12 of them are intended for passengers. The rest are service ones. A separate car for the kitchen, two dining rooms, a bar car with a library and a piano, medical services, a hairdresser, a laundry room, a massage room, a separate storage car for groceries and luggage. This is a whole city with all the necessary infrastructure in the composition.

Tour program

Day 1. Tourists arrive in Moscow and stay in a 5-star hotel. The next day they will have a short city tour with a walk around Red Square. In the afternoon, boarding is planned at the Golden Eagle. In the evening – dinner at the restaurant.

Day 3. The train arrives in Kazan. Tourists will have a sightseeing tour of the capital of Tatarstan, a tour of the Kazan Kremlin (included in the UNESCO list), a visit to the mosque, the cathedral. In the evening, tourists have dinner on the train and spend time at the bar, listening to music and getting to know fellow travelers.

Day 4. Train in Yekaterinburg, the third largest city in Russia. Modern Yekaterinburg has a unique flavor. Tourists will be able to visit the main attractions, including the chapel installed at the site of the execution of the Romanov family.

Day 5. "Golden Eagle" in Novosibirsk, the cultural capital of Siberia. Tourists will be able to visit the Opera House, where there are opera and ballet scenes.

Tourists will spend day 6 on the train. An entertainment program has been prepared for them, and there will also be a lot of free time to admire the colorful landscapes of swampy woodlands, dense taiga.

Day 7. Irkutsk. The tour includes an overview of the architectural monuments of the city, iconic places and museums. Locals organize a concert for tourists. Dinner on the train.

Day 8. Krasavets-Baikal. Passengers are waiting for a five-hour voyage along the Circum-Baikal Railway, located along the coastline. Tunnels are laid through the rocks. After passing through them, tourists will experience a real delight. The view from the window is simply amazing. The opposite shore is decorated with massive Hamar-Daban ridges. And the lake itself is a separate masterpiece of nature. It is home to rare species of fish - Baikal omul, salmon, grayling. The train will make a stop at an abandoned half-stop of one of the bays. And the cook will serve the guests a barbecue of local fish. The most courageous tourists will even have the opportunity to swim in the purest waters of Lake Baikal. In the afternoon, tourists walk around the coastal village of Listvyanka.

Day 9. The Golden Eagle arrives in the capital of Buryatia, the city of Ulan-Ude. Travelers will get acquainted with the cultural and ethnic wealth of the region. Locals organize a concert, the chef prepares delicious dishes of local cuisine.

Day 10. Travel around Mongolia with a stop in its capital city of Ulaanbaatar. Tourists will have lunch in a real yurt. Local treats include traditional meat dishes and Mongolian tea with milk and fat. Dinner on the train. Return to Russia in the evening.

Day 11 and 12 without stops. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery from the windows of the cars. The train passes along the Chinese border.

Day 13. This is the last full day on the Golden Eagle. The train arrives in Khabarovsk. After the city tour, tourists go to Vladivostok.

Day 14. Tourists arrive in Vladivostok. They crossed 8 time zones, traveled more than 10 thousand kilometers by train, and finally found themselves in the Far East. They will have a city tour, a visit to the museum on a submarine and a farewell dinner.

Day 15. After breakfast at the hotel, travelers can arrange a transfer to the airport, they go home by plane. The tour is over. Air tickets in the opposite direction are paid by tourists themselves, they are not included in the price of the tour.

Schedule and cost

Unfortunately, for 2022, all routes on the Golden Eagle have been canceled. However, you can book a trip for 2023. Prices and dates must be specified with the carrier.

To understand whether such a trip will be affordable or not, you can focus on the prices of last season. The cost is most often indicated in currency, since the route is in great demand among foreigners who want to get to know Russian culture better. The cheapest tickets to the Golden Eagle in May. A double silver class coupe will cost only 1 million rubles in rubles. A gold coupe in May will cost 300 thousand more. A trip to the "Imperial Suite" compartment will cost 2.5 million rubles. In August, prices double. And this is data for 2021. Taking into account inflation and other factors, the price of the tour for 2023 may change significantly. However, if you have a few extra millions, you definitely should ride the Golden Eagle. 14 unforgettable days on the road, 10 thousand kilometers, service of the highest class. These are vivid impressions for a lifetime.

Additional costs

Despite the considerable cost of such a trip, tourists incur additional expenses on the way. This, as already mentioned, is the purchase of a ticket in the opposite direction from Vladivostok to Moscow or another city. It is also necessary to pay for a visa when entering Mongolia and Russia (for foreign citizens). Additional funds will be needed to pay for medical insurance, to buy alcohol and other drinks at the bar.

Free for passengers of the Golden Eagle:

  • double accommodation in a compartment;
  • meals along the route (soft drinks, ordinary wine, beer are also included);
  • services of a doctor and an English-speaking guide;
  • transfer to Vladivostok airport;
  • tea, coffee, mineral water on request around the clock;
  • entrance tickets to museums, theaters and monuments;
  • accommodation in 5-star hotels in Moscow and Vladivostok for 1 night.

Deposit and other nuances of booking

To book a tour, you need to make a deposit. It is about $2,000. Taking into account the changing exchange rate, the amount may vary. In case of cancellation of the tour, the deposit made is non-refundable. It is necessary to pay the full cost of tickets for the Golden Eagle no later than 90 days before the start of the trip. If you cancel the tour less than 60 days before the start of the trip, the ticket price is also non-refundable. Passengers' passport details and copies of their insurance policies must be provided for booking. If there is no medical insurance for each passenger for all days of the tour, no booking will be made.


Considering the category of passengers (and these are quite respectable and wealthy people), it was not possible to find reviews on the network. And it is not surprising, high society cares little about maintaining pages on social networks and does not publish posts in feedback. And vice versa. Those who like to publish reviews, such a trip is often not affordable. All you can find are photos of bloggers inside the cars and against the background of a unique train. And then, they admit that it is possible to get inside with great difficulty, since the carrier company pays maximum attention to the safety of passengers and their comfort. All bloggers, without exception, are delighted with the luxury of the interiors and the level of comfort of the train. It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the five best railway trains in the world.

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