How to get from St. Petersburg to Moscow by rail in 9 hours? The branded Express train is at your service.

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Most travelers prefer to travel by rail. First of all, they value this type of transport for convenience and safety. The branded train «Express» opens up such an opportunity for everyone.

Train history

The busiest route at all times of the railway's existence was considered to be the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg, so engineers and transport workers are tirelessly working to reduce travel time and maximize passenger comfort.

People have dreamed of getting from one capital to another effortlessly for a long time, but it is unrealistic to overcome a distance of more than 700 km in the blink of an eye. I had to spend a lot of time and effort on the trip. Alexander Radishchev described the journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow well in the novel of the same name.

Voyageurs of the 18th century had to pass numerous villages and post stations. With the advent of railway communication, the situation has changed radically, and modern travelers barely have time to notice the change of scenery outside the windows. But this option of the trip was not ideal. Without exception, everyone would like to get from point "A" to point "B" as soon as possible.

The company's night train "Express" made its first flight back in 1976. Before him, the legendary "Red Arrow" had already plied the route, and the new rolling stock became, in fact, its understudy. The trains even left almost simultaneously, apart from a small difference of 4 minutes. "The express" reached the Northern capital in 8 and a half hours, stopping only in Bologom and Kalinin.

In 2002, it was decided to cancel the stops altogether, which made it possible to shorten the schedule by as much as 29 minutes. Also in the two thousandth revised the days of trips. Saturday was removed from the schedule in the period from September to May, and thus the movement took place 6 days a week.

2007 was marked by a complete renewal of the "Express". The train has changed dramatically in terms of design and service. Since then, it meets European requirements. Until November 2013, the travel time increased by numerous requests of passengers to 9 hours due to technical stops. In the same year, the interior of the wagons changed.

Schedule and rolling stock

In the direction of the Northern Capital, train 004A departs from Leningradsky railway station in Moscow at 23-30. He arrives at the Moskovsky railway station in St. Petersburg at 8-30. From the City on the Neva, the train departs already under the number 003A at the same time, respectively.

The train consists of 18 cars, including a restaurant, 2 VIP-class cars (4- and 6-compartment), 8 with four-seater compartments (standard 36 seats), 6 with double compartments of "business luxury class" and 1 staff car. There are only 6 and 4 compartments in the first and second cars.

By purchasing a ticket to the "luxury business class" by gender, the passenger will go to No. 7, where 18 seats are provided. The same opportunity is provided in the economy class compartment (car No. 11), where men and women can be accommodated separately. At the same time, there are twice as many places.

VIP compartment

The VIP class compartment is divided into two parts. The first living room is a bedroom, which, if desired, is made only a bedroom, living room or study. The second room is a sanitary and hygienic room (inside there is an individual bathroom with a bio toilet, a shower cabin, a washbasin). The floors in these compartments are equipped with a heating system.

In the VIP compartment there is a folding sofa 110 centimeters wide plus a seat at the top (83 centimeters wide). Passengers put things in a special closet. In the room there is an armchair, a table, a DVD player, a TV, air conditioning. When buying tickets to such a compartment, the whole trip is purchased in it. To get inside, a key card is used. A button is provided to call the explorer.

The compartment is designed for two seats, and children under 10 years old travel free of charge, provided they are accompanied by adults. The ticket price includes:

use of Wi-Fi, board games, multimedia system; bedding; travel kit (towels, terry bathrobe, slippers); water from the cooler; breakfast (dishes from a fixed menu, cold appetizer and second course, you can choose, coffee or tea, one alcoholic drink, juice); fresh press (in assortment, minimum of 5 editions); waiting room for VIP and taxi.
Hygiene kits for men and women deserve special attention. Passengers do not need to pack for a long trip, because everything they need for hygiene and care is included in the package.
For women, wet wipes, cotton pads, dental accessories, nail file, shampoo, body lotion, gel and shower cap, soap, comb are provided in individual packaging. The men's set includes a shaving machine, shaving cream or gel, a brush, toothpaste, a toothpick, a wet cloth, a sponge and a spoon for shoes.

«Business Suite» (CB)

Depending on the number of the car on the train, there is a compartment with both two sleeping places (upper and lower location) and a compartment for one person (car No. 3). Both the one and the other view represent one room. The 83 cm wide sofa is transformed. The upper seat has the same width. The room has a washbasin, a reclining chair, a table and a TV.

russian railways express

The fare includes:

air conditioning and radio (with centralized control); door blocking; bed linen covering; towel and hygiene kit of business class (a set for shoes – sponge and horn, a set for brushing teeth, sewing accessories, slippers with closed toe, toothpicks); water in the cooler; hot meals (breakfast); newspapers, magazines (minimum 5 editions), board games; use of a shared shower cabin in the car.

Economy class coupe

The greatest demand in the branded train «Express & raquo; are seats in the compartment cars. Each room is designed for four passengers. As already noted, there is a separate car with an economy class compartment, where seats are distributed by gender (women and men travel separately). Inside the room there are 2 upper and 2 lower shelves, a folding table. The width of each is 70 cm. Safety on the way is guaranteed by protective straps.

The ticket price includes:

radio (with general control); drinking water (there is a cooler); hot meals (breakfast in the form of a cold snack + a hot dish to choose from); newspapers, magazines (minimum set of 4 editions); hygiene kit (wet and napkins and a spoon for shoes, a set of cleaning accessories teeth, toothpicks).

russian railways express

Additional information and services

36 kg of baggage is allowed to be carried without additional payment, and 50 kg in cars of the 1st and VIP class. Meals are delivered from the restaurant car. The restaurant itself has a large selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, various types of tea, coffee. There is a peddling trade. All bed linen is made of high-quality fabric. In addition to the basic kits that are already included in the ticket, sanitary and hygiene supplies can be purchased for an additional fee. In memory of the trip, passengers purchase souvenirs.

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