Do you know how to buy cheaper tickets for Sapsan?

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tickets are cheaper for the Sapsan train

Of course, many people dream that the prices for the Peregrine Falcon train are as low as possible, but this is unlikely to happen. But if you don't like to spend a lot of time on the road when traveling, we will give you a couple of tips on how to save money.

Let's start with the fact that the Sapsan train leaves Moscow to St. Petersburg and back about 10 times a day. This is considered the fastest way to travel between the two capitals by rail. Also, every day a Peregrine Falcon departs from St. Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod via Moscow. In addition, intermediate stops capture cities such as Tver, Vladimir and other intermediate points.

The sale of tickets for this train starts three months in advance, so you can buy at the lowest price on the first day. Many passengers say that it is really possible to do this at 8 am. And after 10-15 minutes, the price rises. Also, many have noticed the dynamics that in 2-5 days the price may return to the original. In any case, the later you buy a ticket, the more expensive it is. Also, pricing depends on the class of service, the higher it is, the more expensive the ticket. The total number of train tickets purchased also affects. Therefore, if time and opportunities allow you to "catch" a ticket at the lowest price, plan your trips in advance.

If we compare economy class, then from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod or Tver tickets start from 1500 rubles, to St. Petersburg from two thousand rubles, to Vladimir from 1200 rubles. Economy + is more expensive on average by 300-500 rubles. When departing from St. Petersburg, the pricing policy is slightly different. Tickets to Moscow start from 2000 rubles, to Tver from 1800 rubles, and to Nizhny Novgorod from 3500 rubles. From Vladimir to Moscow from 1200 rubles, to St. Petersburg from three thousand rubles. From Tver to Moscow from 1500 rubles, to St. Petersburg from 1800 rubles. Of course, these are indicative prices so that you understand that for the "Peregrine Falcon" is a cheap ticket. You will see the final price when booking, and an additional service or cash fee is also charged.

tickets are cheaper on the Russian Railways train

If the option to "catch" tickets is not about you, pay attention to special fares. Unfortunately, many passengers forget about them, and they sometimes help to save money.

For children under ten years of age, there is a 70% discount on tickets of any class of service. It is important that you must present a document confirming your age when boarding. An important point: if you bought a ticket for two months while the child was nine, and, for example, on the day of departure or a couple of days before his birthday came, you will have to pay extra. But for people from the age of ten to twenty-one, there is a 30% discount. This tariff does not apply to first class and to the compartment-meeting room. The same discount is valid on the same terms for those whose age is over sixty years.

The 40% discount is valid for people with disabilities. In addition, one accompanying person can travel at a special rate. Of course, you will need a full package of documents confirming the fact of disability.

If you buy a ticket "there" and "back" on the same route at once, you will save 20%. The promotion is valid for a ticket in the opposite direction of the route. It is important that the arrival and departure stations for tickets coincide. Also, if you buy two tickets for two adjacent seats for yourself, then the second ticket will be at half price. This fare is called "Single" and does not apply to the compartment-meeting room, first class and the bistro car.

There are also special group fares that are cheaper than taking single tickets. They are valid for law firms, schoolchildren and preschoolers, as well as for one accompanying person for children's groups. The number of people in the group should not be less than 10. The fare is formed individually and depends on many factors, it is recommended to book in advance.

sapsan retro train ticket

For those who often travel by "Peregrine Falcon" there is a road name map. Which can be purchased from the conductor, or at the ticket offices of the Directorate of High-speed communication in Moscow or St. Petersburg. "Universal" cards cost 3 thousand rubles a year, a 10% discount is provided. The Business Class card costs 1999 rubles. Provides a 30% discount on a business class ticket. The road maps do not apply to first class and compartment-meeting rooms. There is also an electronic card, similar in terms to a "Universal" travel card, costs a thousand rubles a month and gives a ten percent discount.

And the best part is a 30% discount on your birthday for you and three people. You can buy tickets on your holiday, seven days before and after it. Moreover, you can buy a ticket for "Peregrine Falcon" not during the celebration period, but for all tickets on sale. For newlyweds, there is a 50% discount when buying out a compartment-meeting room. The promotion is valid for one month from the date of marriage registration. Also, do not ignore the "RZD Bonus" program, thanks to which you can exchange points for tickets to the "Peregrine Falcon". We will tell you more about the program in the following articles.

These are all the ways that there are to save on trips on the "Peregrine Falcon". If we missed something, you can indicate it in the comments. Have a good and profitable trip!

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