How is the campaign "Stop HIV/AIDS" on Russian railways?

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On December 1, the World Day against Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome – HIV/AIDS has been celebrated for 31 years in a row. Many different events and promotions around the world are timed to this date.

In Russia, the problem is most acute, because in terms of the number of people infected with HIV, the country occupies a leading position, overtaking even Africa. The population of the country is approximately 146 million people, and almost a million of them are infected. Moreover, there is an opinion that this figure may actually be twice as much. But statistics say that every hour in Russia 10 people are infected. This can be attributed to a banal ignorance of what HIV is/AIDS, what are the methods of prevention, where to go, how to be treated and, in general, how to live. And you can really live. It is for the purpose of informing and testing that the All-Russian campaign "Stop HIV" is being held/AIDS».

This year, the campaign was held from May 13 to May 19 and from November 25 to December 1. One of the partners is JSC "Russian Railways". For the fourth year in a row, the company has been conducting educational activities not only among its employees, but also for passengers. Let's tell you about the biggest events that took place in November.

The number of participants in the campaign is growing every time. For example, more than 20 thousand passengers, as well as about 25 thousand railway employees, patients of polyclinics and hospitals took part in educational events of the East Siberian Railway in one week of May.

hiv and AIDS test

The following events were held at all major railway stations on the Far Eastern Railway (Far Eastern Railway). Informing passengers about the preventive action, distributing leaflets with important and useful information about HIV infection, it was proposed to undergo rapid testing. Also, everyone who turned to the station's medical center for help was told about the action.

Also, specialists of healthcare institutions of JSC "Russian Railways" held Open Days at the Far Eastern Railway in order to inform employees and patients. Consultations were held in medical institutions on measures of protection and prevention from HIV infection, free anonymous testing was done, leaflets and booklets were distributed, information was placed on stands, videos were played. In the Khabarovsk center, where specialists of railway professions are trained, a meeting was organized with specialists of the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS. The meeting was attended by 120 people. Also, information and testing activities were held in the subsidiaries of the region.

wagon hiv test

And in Chelyabinsk, the action took place right during the trip. All passengers of the Chelyabinsk - Miass - Chelyabinsk electric train could take the test for free on November 27. Special booths were organized, where an HIV test was done without presenting documents, the results of which passengers received in 10-15 minutes. In addition, it was possible to measure the pressure and consult with a therapist. Also, at the Chelyabinsk railway station in the medical center, it was also possible to be tested. This is not the first time an action of this kind has been held here, so you can count on its repetition.

It was also possible to pass express testing on the Sverdlovsk Railway (SVZHD). Information points were placed at major railway stations in the region. The rest were simply hung posters on HIV prevention/AIDS and other useful information on this problem. Also, information booklets could be found on long-distance trains of this highway and in "Swallows". Lectures and seminars on HIV prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion were held for railway workers and young people. The events were held on the territory of polyclinics and hospitals "RZD-Medicine". Also, the action did not pass by the employees of these medical institutions. They took part in the conference, and a training was organized that will inform and help patients with questions about HIV infection.

Have you participated in these and other events held as part of the Stop HIV campaign/AIDS? Did you know about free testing and do you plan to attend such events in the future? Don't forget to share useful information on social networks and take care of your health!

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