The best railway station complex in Kazan. Modernity and history of Kazan Passenger.

Going on a journey across the expanses of our country, we often forget that during the trip we can get acquainted with the sights of many cities, which are often forgotten when exploring the cultural heritage. Sometimes even on a normal business trip or on the way to a place of rest, you can see a place that not everyone will purposefully agree to go to. We are talking about old railway station buildings. The former appearance of which reveals the history of the formation of railway communication and allows you to imagine what life was like a century ago. One of these buildings is located in one of the oldest Russian cities, founded more than a thousand years ago.

Казань Пассажирский

The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan - Kazan welcomes its guests showing one of its symbols-the old station building on the Forecourt. This unusual building, which looks like a small castle, whose red brick walls attract attention from afar, is just asking for a postcard. And on closer inspection, the abundance of architectural elements that fit so harmoniously into the surrounding landscape is surprising. Like many railway stations, Kazan Passenger station is located in the very center of the city. If you Park for a long time, you can take a short walk along the streets, walk to the Kremlin, or sit in the Park, which is located nearby. And, of course, take a photo with this unique monument. On the sign hanging at the entrance, you can read that it has a national significance and is protected by the state. And it is not surprising, because it was built in nineteen hundred. The entrance to the building itself is guarded by friendly-looking plaster statues of white leopards. This is another symbol of the Republic, which is even present on its coat of arms. Although the sculptor did not award the graceful animals with the wings that their counterparts have, images of which are widely used in Tatarstan, they majestically take their place near the walls of the station.

During its long existence, the station has never experienced the ravages of time. It also underwent restoration after a serious fire and subsequent modernization to increase the number of passengers received. For the same purpose, a modern building appeared nearby, the appearance of which looks harmoniously next to the old one.

This landmark place for Kazan is the largest transport hub. A huge number of passengers and cargo annually move along the fifteen railway lines passing through Kazan Passenger. The station itself was opened six years before the construction of the station. And the landmark that we see now has undergone a global restoration.

Казань Пассажирский

Interestingly, the comfort and convenience of this station is regularly noted by passengers. Modern content plays a role in the organization of stay on the territory of the station and in the building itself and beyond.

Ramps at the entrance make it easier to carry Luggage and allow people with limited mobility to move freely. In addition, representatives of such groups are provided with assistance or support service, which can be used around the clock, but you must first leave a request for its provision by phone.

Information and reference services are available on the ground floor. The written form of these services is paid, the price for individuals and legal entities is different. One of the paid services is the announcement on the loudspeaker.  An individual can use it by paying eighty rubles and two hundred and ten rubles to a legal entity. Ads of an advertising nature are not allowed. There are automatic storage rooms and those where there is a storekeeper. The choice should be made based on the size of Luggage and storage time. These parameters change the cost of the service. Luggage can be weighed free of charge on the ground floor of the main building.

For passengers with children, there is a children's Playground, and for newborns there are places for changing clothes. During the unfavorable epidemiological period of coronavirus infection, the play area is closed to the public.

From the station, you can send small mail items, letters or documents by fast branded trains. The service is paid and before sending, you need to specify the opening hours of the help Desk, where the cargo is received and sent under special conditions.

Luggage carriers must be ordered by phone, and they are calculated based on the cost of one piece of hand Luggage or Luggage.

Two waiting rooms, including the Comfort level, are located on two floors of the station. There are also long-term rest rooms. They are provided only if you have a full set of personal protective equipment-gloves, masks, antiseptic. Bed linen is disposable. They try to place one person per room, it is possible to share accommodation with a family member. For children, the fare is separate. a child under five years old is placed free of charge, if it does not occupy a separate bed.

Казань Пассажирский

During the summer season, bike Parking is available in front of the main building.

For the convenience of passengers, there is Wi-Fi, the ability to charge your phone at the charging station with a combination lock, read a book and buy Souvenirs or food. You can see the train schedule on the screen. in addition to the screens, the information is duplicated by a voice notification. Security and the presence of turnstiles and frames ensure that passengers stay safely on the territory of the station.

A unique place with a cozy atmosphere you can visit if your way lies on the Gorky railway through Kazan. Do not be afraid to go out into the city at night, beautiful lighting gives the station building a charming and mysterious view, and a walk through the Park in the light of lanterns to the sounds of falling water from the fountain, will set you up for a romantic mood.

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