An unforgettable journey by retro train "Sochi" on the route Tuapse-Gagra.

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Retro lovers will enjoy going to Abkhazia inexpensively, plunging into the style of the 70s and 80s, officially organized crossing the borders of two different countries, visiting interesting excursions.

Independent routes require material costs, time and effort, in particular, when passing the border. Unexpected joy from the Russian Railways – tourist train «Sochi », thanks to which you can visit a number of cities, except the main one. These are Tuapse and Gagra. The route number is 927/928.The tourist orientation of the train does not drive into a specific time frame; you can come for a day or several, without losing on the ticket price and the benefits of rest.

retro train Sochi

Ticket price

The train has a license for the 4th class of passenger service, having available seats, a reserved seat, compartment cars and ST. The price depends on the time of year and the date of purchase. The closer to departure, the sooner to order – at least a week in advance. Keep in mind that during the summer holidays, you can think about a ticket much earlier – there are enough people who want to go by a branded train.

For the record. SV cars are the most expensive. Common places are the most affordable in pricing, but the conditions are less convenient. Compartment cars are half the price of St. Reserved cars and seats differ in price by about 200 rubles. Prices are not static, they change based on various nuances in the previous year and the next. You need to focus on the official data in the application or at the box office.

The tourist train is popular among the older generation – enjoy meeting with youth, thanks to the retro design of any type of cars.

Train movement – stops, arrival time to a given station

What distinguishes the retro train from other tourist routes is that it is not a seasonal movement, but a year-round one. On the way along the full route of Tuapse-Sochi-Gagra, the train is about 6 hours. It takes about 3 and a half hours to get to Gagra from Sochi. He travels from Tuapse on all days of the week, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It takes up to two hours to travel from Tuapse to Sochi. If we take into account the previous schedule, it looks like this:

  • Tuapse 05:20
  • Sochi 07:35
  • Gagry 11:05.

Reverse direction, except Monday and Tuesday:

  • Gagra 19:00
  • Sochi 22:25
  • Tuapse 00:35

Along the way, the train stops 7 times, the number of stations includes:

  1. Lazarevskaya.
  2. Loo.
  3. Dagomys.
  4. Sochi.
  5. Adler.
  6. Fun.
  7. Tsandrypsh.

Russian Railways provides a short route – on Wednesdays the train goes from Sochi, on Mondays it follows from Gagra. Tourists will like to contemplate the sea from the windows of the cars – a peaceful picture. The beauty of Abkhazia is remembered forever.

retro train Sochi

Crossing the Russian-Abkhaz border

When passing the border control independently, it is quite troublesome and requires knowledge of certain laws. Whether it's the case with a trip on a tourist train "Sochi" - the procedure takes place calmly, without causing nervous tension. Shortly after Adler, the border between Russia and Abkhazia. For verification, you must provide a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a foreign passport. Documents are only viewed without any marks. There is only one nuance - on the Russian side, the check is carried out longer, but the arrival of the train at the final station is not reflected in the schedule. It will not be possible to cross the border with your own transport so quickly, you will have to spend at least 2.5-3 hours.

Features of the interior of the train in the style of the 80s

One of the travelers on this route told the following: "I remember the train with its exterior design - blue cars, drawn with a white stripe, like the sea and the horizon in the distance. The ticket was purchased in a reserved car, from which you can quickly transfer to the restaurant car.

The history of the creation of the tourist train is as follows: the best cars of Soviet times were selected, repaired in Tver and equipped in a new way with a retro touch of furniture. Added ports for charging mobile phones, smartphones and other gadgets. Each car is equipped with air conditioners and toilets. It turned out to be something in between modern cars and Soviet times. Comfort on the train promotes communication and new acquaintances.

Compartment cars are decorated with paintings depicting landscapes of resort towns. There are also posters of a sporting nature and on the topic of space and other achievements. But most of all, nostalgia about the bygone time will affect the older generation in the cars where you can eat delicious food.

retro train Sochi

Retro style in the dining cars of the train

The waiters are dressed in bright red dresses, with a white apron and a cocoanut covering their hair. On the shelf there is a samovar, as in the old days, on which hangs a bunch of bagels. Glasses in cup holders await visitors on a tray under a clean white napkin. The chairs are of a modern type, but outwardly resemble old chairs.

For those who like to eat at a table in their car, shopping bags with products for different tastes are offered. The menu is varied – dishes of Russian and Abkhazian cuisines. Olivier – classic of all the offers – immediately attracts the eye. Sandwiches with sprats, which were loved in those years and smoothly passed into modern life, are unthinkable without them. For those who care about the calorie content of dishes, the energy value of the product is indicated next to each dish. For example, if you try cheesecakes with jam and strawberries for 360 rubles, for dinner a Kiev cutlet and khachapuri will cost this pleasure 900 rubles for both dishes. Tea is served with sugar bags. As a keepsake, you can buy souvenirs and, in addition, a postcard about the train "Sochi" for free.

Those who arrived in Gagra behave differently after resting on the train, they immediately plunge into excursions, others first go to the hotel to refresh themselves and think over further vacation plans.

retro train Sochi

Excursions in Abkhazia

The Abkhazian travel agency takes excursions seriously, offering passengers routes to various interesting places right on the train. The price for an adult family member is slightly more than 2000 rubles, for a child under 10 years old about 1500 rubles. The program includes the famous Ritsa Lake, tasting of honey, cheeses, wines, Yupshar Canyon, Blue Lake. A walk in the evening along Gagra is offered. Excursions are conducted by minibuses. For those who like to explore memorable places on their own, they order a local guide by car, who, if desired, will meet right at the train.

During the day you can travel to many interesting places, and in the evening return to Sochi or Tuapse. A trip to Abkhazia will leave an indelible positive mark with a comfortable atmosphere, retro style, service, delicious food.

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