Review of the Volga branded train.

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The Volga branded train runs on the Nizhny Novgorod-Saint Petersburg -Nizhny Novgorod route. This route is one of the most popular on the Gorky Railway. We offer a detailed overview of the train, route, services and other useful information about the composition.


Let's start with a brief history of the Volga. Already from the name it is clear that the train was named after one of the largest rivers in Russia. And for good reason, because the city of Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky) stands at the confluence of the Volga and Oka rivers. The first train set off from Gorky to Leningrad in the autumn of 1976.

The branded train covers a distance of 1102 kilometers in one direction. Departure in the evening and arrival in the morning to the destination city. The Volga 059A train to Nizhny Novgorod departs from the Moskovsky Railway Station and arrives at the Moskovsky Railway Station in St. Petersburg. In this direction, the trip will take 13 hours and 8 minutes, along the route the train makes 13 stops. The longest parking: Peat – 20 minutes, Boldino – 17 minutes. In the opposite direction, the train "Volga" 059G follows 13 hours 59 minutes. Along the route, the train makes 13 stops, the longest parking: Moscow (Kursky railway station) – 18 minutes, Petushki – 16 minutes. The route passes through the territory of different regions and makes stops in the following major cities: Dzerzhinsk, Vladimir, Moscow and Tver.

Dynamic pricing is applied to this composition. Therefore, thanks to early booking of tickets, you can save money. Tickets go on sale 90 days before departure. You can compare prices for this and other trains in this direction on our website.

The composition of the train may vary depending on the time of year and demand. You will see the exact scheme when booking tickets. The classic scheme presented on the official website of Russian Railways looks like this: business class CB cars (equipped with video installations); economy class compartment cars; compartment cars; reserved cars. In addition, there is a staff car, where there is a specialized compartment designed to transport one disabled person and an accompanying person. To ensure personal safety, the train is accompanied by police officers.

Like any branded train, the Volga has certain services and amenities for passengers. Passengers of compartment cars and SV en route are provided with one meal included in the ticket price. Food from the dining car can be ordered directly from your compartment. Moreover, you can enjoy the dishes both in the restaurant car itself or in the compartment. In addition, when making dishes, your wishes will be taken into account, for example, if you eat according to a certain diet or children need a separate menu. In business class cars, a choice of a lunch block or hot meals is provided. In the staff car, in addition to facilities for people with disabilities, there is a library, and you can also iron clothes there.

The train has information boards with all the necessary information: travel rules, traffic patterns, services provided, schedules, etc. there is also a speakerphone for announcements. You can always buy tea, coffee, confectionery, ice cream from the guides. There is always hot water in the cars. Passengers of compartment cars are given a travel kit, which includes soap, slippers, a comb, a toothbrush, paste, a wet cloth and a shoe sponge. This train is part of a single telecommunication railway system, so free Wi-Fi is available on the train. All the cars of the new model range, equipped with air conditioning units and vacuum toilets, the coloring of the cars is a unified corporate style of Russian Railways. Previously, the train had a blue, branded coloring.

Medical first aid kits, brushes for shoes and clothes, a set of dishes, board games are provided in all cars. The compartment has sockets, buttons for calling the conductor, a TV, individual lighting at the shelves. There is general lighting in the reserved carriage.


It is allowed to transport animals on the train. Wild animals, including bees, are allowed only in the luggage compartment. Small animals are transported in carriers / cages, the main thing is that the sum of the three dimensions does not exceed 180 centimeters. Separate seats are provided for such passengers, since the transportation of animals is prohibited in some cars. The exception is guide dogs, which can take any place with the owner, the main thing is that there is a muzzle and a leash, and the dog itself is next to the owner. For large animals, it is possible to transport in a compartment, but with its full redemption. You no longer need a veterinary passport to travel on the train. The control of transportation is assigned to the accompanying persons.

As for hand luggage, each passenger can carry luggage up to 36 kilograms for free. The size of objects should not exceed 180 cm in total (in length, width, height). If the parameters are larger, you will have to pay extra for these things. For a fee, you can take up to 50 kilograms more, for this you need to take a baggage receipt before departure at the train station. Wheelchairs and baby strollers are available free of charge. And means for care and rehabilitation. It is better to put large things in the luggage. Small, light and personal items are counted as hand luggage. Hand luggage is located in special places of the car and should not interfere with other passengers.

Children under 5 years old ride for free. But a free ticket is always issued for travel. Children from 5 to 10 years old are provided with a discounted ticket. From the age of 10, they take a ticket at full cost. Important: in the Luxury car, free travel for children is valid up to 10 years. A children's kit is provided for young passengers.

A trip on the Volga branded train is always convenient and comfortable, so the train enjoys its popularity. A great alternative to traveling by plane.

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