Reserved car: when will they think about the high ones?

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reserved carriage of the railway train

Everyone who has ever ridden in a reserved carriage knows the problem of inconveniences of shelves for tall people. Of course, children and people with a height of up to 170 centimeters do not experience discomfort, but it is difficult for those who are taller to stretch out on the shelf entirely. And in general, there is quite a little free space in such cars. Therefore, for what year there have been talks about increasing the length of the sleeping place and, it seems, a solution has been found.

At the moment, the reserved car belongs to the third class of service. Therefore, tickets to them are the cheapest, if you do not take into account the seating. The car consists of 9 open compartments with 4 seats (2 above and 2 below) and 18 side seats (upper and lower). That is 54 beds. There is also a place for luggage, hooks for clothes, a shelf with a net, a table in each compartment and on the side seats, two toilets on the sides of the car.

The width and length of the reserved seats in each train is different. This is due to the fact that the wagons were produced at different times. Moreover, the compartment shelves are slightly shorter than the side ones. But on average, the width is 55-60 centimeters, the length is 167-172 centimeters. The distance between the shelves located opposite each other is 60-67 centimeters.

new reserved car

Russian car builders have been racking their brains for a long time how to improve reserved cars. A prototype was recently announced, which was shown at the annual exhibition "Transport of Russia". Initially, the idea was to keep 54 passenger seats in the car, increasing the seats slightly. Only 2 centimeters, and the side ones by 3. But at the same time adding individual space for each passenger. This should happen due to the cabinet that will appear between the compartment shelves. The concept also included an additional shelf-table for everyone. But in this way, there is even less free space than there is now.

At the same time, inconveniences for tall people still remain. Therefore, Transmashholding has improved the concept by reducing the passenger seats in the car to 40. Therefore, the side shelves will be removed altogether. But they plan to increase the sleeping places by 17.5 (centimeters) in length! Those new layouts suggest that there will be additional individual lighting devices, additional lockers, curtains and sockets on the shelves. Color changes are also planned. The interior will be in gray, red and beige tones.

new place in the reserved seat

The new concept involves increasing the length of the car by 30 centimeters. Due to the new changes, the price of travel in such cars may also increase to compensate for the absence of another 14 seats. Of course, pricing will be clear after the release of new trains on the routes.

At the moment, the concept is under development, negotiations are underway, and the opinion of potential passengers of new cars is taken into account. At a minimum, the new layout is the closest to implementation. Therefore, it remains to wait for the concept to be approved or not. If the answer is yes, then we can expect improved compositions in the relative future. Which, finally, will get rid of many inconveniences in the reserved seat and make the trip of tall people more comfortable.

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