Detailed information about the railway station in Novorossiysk

The railway station in Novorossiysk is included in the rating of major railway complexes in the entire Krasnodar territory. It has five tracks and three platforms.

жд вокзал Новороссийск

A little history and facts about the railway station

The Grand opening took place in the summer of 1888. An architectural engineer named Viktor Piotrovsky worked on the design of the station building.

The refined, unique interior design included parquet floors and exclusive expensive furniture. But, during the great Patriotic war, the station was destroyed, and the architect V. S. Danini restored not only the original appearance, but also returned the old architectural details.

The two-story building was equipped with state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art equipment that provided passengers with every comfort.

On the territory of the railway station there is free Internet, which can be used by anyone. The station has a couple of spacious waiting rooms. For lovers of increased comfort, there is a hall (of course, for a fee) with comfortable sofas, TVs and other advantages. Let's take a closer look at the Novorossiysk railway station.

Infrastructure of Novorossiysk railway station

As mentioned above, there are two waiting rooms at the station, but there is also a room where you can relax at night. The total area of all waiting rooms is almost three hundred square meters. Starting from the two thousandth year, the station can accommodate at least seven hundred passengers at the same time — the figure is quite decent. Each room has a large information Board, which will not allow you to miss important information. Inside, the station looks more modern than outside, but a lot of things have been preserved since the time of Stalin, during a large-scale reconstruction.

Novorossiysk railway station services

First of all, it is worth saying that it provides services for processing all travel documents for suburban and intercity flights. Anyone can get answers to reference and information questions. Upon request, they issue a printed certificate of the requested destinations and departure times. You will be notified about the arrival and departure of trains from the station by speakerphone.
At the train station, you can get office services, such as a photocopy of documents, sending an email, calling landline numbers.

There is also a branch of the Formula 23 service, which provides rental cars from economy to premium class. If you wish, you can rent a car here to get around Novorossiysk or use the services of a personal driver.

The next useful service that you can use is cash withdrawal from ATMs. What is very important, ATMs are open around the clock.

The station provides services for the preservation of cargoes and hand Luggage.
If necessary, you can get first aid at the medical center at the train station. People with disabilities will be provided with assistance! In addition, there are special Parking spaces for them, and what is important, the entrance to the railway station building does not have vertical barriers. There are also two types of lift: crawler and vertical.
If your smartphone is dead, then you can easily "recharge" at the station — do not worry that you may be left without communication.
You can have a delicious meal in the buffet and a modest, but very cozy restaurant. Buying Souvenirs and gifts, as well as printed products, is not a problem.

Inside the station, visitors can take a shower. The restrooms are paid, but they are decent and clean.

жд вокзал Новороссийск

Purchasing tickets

People who have used modern technologies and bought railway tickets online can print e-tickets themselves at the terminal located in the railway station building or contact the operator at the ticket office. The electronic train schedule located in all waiting rooms is constantly updated.

Contact information and address

The railway station in the city is located six hundred meters northeast of the Tsemes river, near the Forest port.

Exact address: zip code: 353906, Novorossiysk, Zhukovsky 16

Near the described location, there are many attractions, such as the Ostrovsky House Museum, the Armenian Church, the Markov house of Culture, Methodius market, Holy Trinity Cathedral, war memorials, the cement industry Museum, Karl Marx square, and much more.

Near the center of Novorossiysk, near the Sea station, there is a bus station. From this point you can go to any districts of the Krasnodar territory, the list includes Taman.

The infrastructure includes many comfortable hotels for different budgets. The Abzhouse guest house is very popular and is located near the train station. Be sure to go to the Methodius Bazaar, besides there are many cafes, including fast food.

Looking for a train station number? Call these two numbers 775-00-00, 510-11-11. Remember that the station itself is open around the clock, but the ticket office: from 07: 30 am to 22: 00 PM.

From the bus station to the railway station, you can take the bus number 199, 119, 185 or 646. If you decide to go by trolleybus, then your option is " one "or"six". If you are traveling by car, then you need to follow the street Elevator/Methodievskaya-from the Northern part of the city, and if from the South, then along the Main road.

Train schedule from Novorossiysk

The schedule includes fifty trains going to places such as: Yekaterinburg-Pass., Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod-Moscow, Priobye, Kavkazskaya, etc. These can be called the most popular destinations, and there are only seventeen of them.

Speaking of suburbs, the network serves the entire city district and the population of the Crimean, Seversky, Abinsky districts and the East of Kuban. From the railway station go to SO-Alania, Adygea and, of course, to Kavminvody crossing a dozen platforms.

You can buy train tickets in Novorossiysk remotely via the Internet. You can also make a purchase the old-fashioned way at the ticket office of the railway station.

жд вокзал Новороссийск

Important! Pay attention to the following details:

as a rule, the less time left before the train departs, the higher the cost of tickets for the railway trip. In order not to overpay, buy tickets in advance; be sure to carefully check whether electronic registration has been carried out. This information can be found directly on the ticket; do not wait until the last one. It is better to arrive at the railway station in advance, because the process may be delayed due to checking visitors/departures in order to maintain security.

The official website of the Novorossiysk railway station will help you find answers to other questions. Well, we wish you a pleasant trip!

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