Sunrise Express: You haven't traveled on such a train yet.

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While many people prefer to fly or take a high-speed train, night trains are still popular. They are a real treat for international travelers. Why take the night train? These trains allow you to move quickly overland, arriving at your destination the next morning. In addition, you will be able to sleep while traveling, more comfortably than on a plane or a night bus. If you are planning to visit Japan, consider booking a trip on Sunrise Express.

Sunrise Express

Before the advent of the bullet train, there was a time when night trains were common throughout Japan. The elite of the country, as well as tourists, traveled in a style similar to the luxurious composition of The Blue Train (South Africa). However, these "blue sleeping trains" have been replaced by simpler, but comfortable, and most importantly budget trains. Currently, the only regular night trains still operating are Sunrise Seto and Izumo.

These trains differ only in routes. A long fourteen-car train departs from Tokyo. At Okayama Station, the train is divided in half and each goes to its destination. Sunrise Seto goes to Takamatsu City on Shikoku Island, and Sunrise Izumo goes to Izumo City in Shimane Prefecture. On the way back, these two trains travel separately from their starting points to Takamatsu and Izumo. Then, after reaching Okayama, they reconnect together until the final stop in Tokyo. However, the train from Tokyo does not stop in Osaka. If you want to take this train from Tokyo, you can get off this train at Himeji and then take the bullet train to Osaka. The train departs late in the evening and stays early in the morning at the final stations. Therefore, this train can be safely called a hotel on wheels. Let's analyze its amenities, and you will understand what is hotel in it.

Sunrise Express

The composition of Sunrise Express was created for this direction, so you will not find analogues either in Japan or around the world. It can reach speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour. There are no windows in the cars, I work with air conditioners. But do not worry, in case of faulty air conditioners, the composition is not released on the line. By Japanese standards, the composition is old, but even from the photos you can assess what looks decent. That's just the amenities in the form of sockets and Wi-Fi are not here.

There are various accommodation options on the train, so you can choose from the most budget, to a suite:

Nobinobi (nobi nobi seats) is the cheapest seat on the train, as well as the "chip" of the train itself. The car is similar to a reserved seat in Russian trains, but without side shelves. There is an upper and lower section without tables. Your ticket includes a personal space that is 190 centimeters long and 80 wide. All spaces are separated by small partitions that do not isolate 100% from neighbors. There is a small curtain, but it will close you from the side of the common corridor. There is a small plastic cup on the cup holder next to the window. In fact, in your space you can sleep peacefully, sit and go about your business. It is carpeted. A small blanket and a small pillowcase are provided. It does not include a pillow, in addition, if you do not have the habit of sleeping on the floor, it may be uncomfortable, so it is better to hedge and think in advance how to spend the night on such a bed. For example, take a thin air mattress or a travel pillow.

Sunrise Express
Single Deluxe is the best room on the train. The size of the bed is 196 centimeters long and 85 centimeters wide. These rooms are located on the upper deck in a double-deck carriage. So you will have a better view than the other class. There is also a desk, a chair and a sink. There are only six such numbers in the composition. This is the most expensive room and it is very popular, so it is difficult to book. The price includes nightwear, and the window can be closed with a curtain.

Single is the most common type of ticket. All compartments are located in a two-level carriage. The size of the bed is 196 centimeters long and 70 centimeters wide. Since the compartment is located in a two-level carriage, its height is about 180 centimeters. It's a little cramped for a tall passenger. A blanket and pajamas are provided.

Solo is another type of single compartment. The size of the bed is 196 centimeters long and 70 centimeters wide, but in one part of the bed the width is 56 centimeters. This compartment is located in a single-level carriage. But there are compartments in the upper and lower areas.The space where you can stand is very limited on the upper level. In the compartment on the lower level, you cannot stand up, unlike Single.

Single Twin is a single or double room. The size of the bed is 196 centimeters long and 70 centimeters wide. The area is almost the same as in Single. The upper berth is designed for the second passenger. The bed is slightly smaller than the lower bunk. The lower bunk can be converted into a seat.

Sunrise Express

Sunrise Twin is a standard double room with 2 separate beds. The size of the bed is 196 centimeters long and 75 centimeters wide. The beds are located next to each other. There is much more space than in a Single Twin. These compartments are located on the lower level in a two-level carriage. Only 4 compartments are available, so they are not so easy to book.

Also in the composition there is a small lounge area (3 and 10 cars), where there are tables by the type of bar counters and 8 seats. Here you can eat and drink. There is a vending machine in the lounge. Guests are offered only a cold soft drink. Keep in mind that one conductor works for the entire train and he does not sell any products. Therefore, in terms of food, you need to take it with you or buy it from vending machines.

Unexpected convenience for trains, which is present in the shower room. She is in cars 3 and 10. You have to buy a shower card at a vending machine and 6 minutes of shower will be available to you. But the number of cards is limited due to the water supply.

If you are staying at the Single Deluxe Hotel, you can use the shower room in cars 4 and 11. These shower rooms are located in the same carriages as the Deluxe single compartments. And these shower rooms in car No4 and No 11 are available exclusively for single luxury passengers. Other passengers must use the shower room in cars 3 and 10.

Sunrise Express

The method of using the shower room is the same in all shower rooms. The Deluxe Single room includes a small towel. But other compartments and nobi nobi seat passengers can't get any towels on the train. If you plan to use the shower room, you need to prepare some towels. Shampoo and soap are provided in the shower room. As soon as you start using the shower, the timer will start counting down. But if you stop using the shower, time stops. So when you wash your hair and body, you can stop the shower to save your time. But you can't share it. As soon as you get out of the shower (that is, out of the locker room), you will lose your time, even if you have it left.

Night trains in Japan are already very rare, they have been replaced by high-speed ones. Therefore, traveling on Sunrise Express is a truly unique experience and may not be possible in the near future.

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