Do I need to take out insurance when buying a ticket?

For the convenience of passengers, the website provides an opportunity to purchase an insurance policy along with an electronic ticket. There is no need to waste time on a trip to the insurer's office, since simultaneously with the ticket, the policy form is sent to the buyer by e-mail, later it will have to be printed out independently. The insurance policy costs 100 rubles, but compensation in the event of an insured event is paid up to 150 thousand. 

The item "Including insurance" is marked by default when filling out the order application. The passenger has the right to refuse to purchase a voluntary insurance policy, for this it is necessary to perform an elementary action — remove the tick from the form. It should be taken into account that it will not be possible to purchase insurance for an already paid ticket later. 

Important! A ticket with an insurance policy is paid exclusively by bank card. The cashiers of JSC "Russian Railways" and JSC "FPC" do not print out policies and do not make refunds.

The insurance refund regulations are printed on the form. The policy on the website can be returned only with the ticket that was issued at the same time. To do this, go to your Personal Account, and also use the service "My order". In this case, the money is returned in full to the payment card from which the ticket was paid. 

If the e-ticket was not used and its refund was carried out through the ticket offices of JSC "FPC" and JSC "Russian Railways", then to return the insurance you need to go to the customer support department. It is also possible to make a handwritten application for termination of the insurance contract and send it with a copy of the passport. In this case, the money will also be returned to the bank card.

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