What is an electronic ticket. What type of train can I get an e-ticket for?

Buying a ticket online without leaving the apartment is a great opportunity to save time. You can consider several options by choosing the train and the desired location. After paying for the ticket, check the e-mail: there should appear a control coupon, which is a document of strict accountability. It should be borne in mind that without electronic registration, it loses authenticity, so you will be denied boarding.

The following actions should be taken in advance:

  • check in online, check the availability of a boarding pass at the post office;
  • issue your boarding pass at the terminal yourself;
  • present a control coupon with the order code and passport at the ticket office at the train station. 

The boarding pass received by one of the listed methods should be shown to the conductor at the same time as the passport.

It is required to take care of the registration of tickets, coupons and coupons in advance, but no later than one hour before the departure of the train from the boarding station. Carefully consider the schedule of technological breaks of the "Express" system (Moscow time):

  • Monday – Tuesday from 3.30 to 4.00 h;
  • from Wednesday to Sunday from 3.30 to 3.50 h.

Online tickets are not issued on the website during this period of time.

Pre-sale for 120, 90, 60 or 45 days of domestic communication is opened according to the schedule of regional ticket offices.

Responsibility for the correct filling of the data in the ticket is assigned to the person making the order, so you should carefully check the details of the trip.

Almost all discounts provided by Russian Railways can be used when purchasing a ticket online: full, children's, non-cash (for children who do not need their own seat), and a special tariff also applies. In the process of one order, only 4 tickets can be purchased. Please note that seats in reserved cars and compartments must be issued as different orders. The same requirements apply to compartments of different types (mixed, female, male), remember this and carefully check whether the gender of the person is indicated correctly.

The ticket price appears on the screen simultaneously with the information about the number of available seats.

You are given 15 minutes to purchase a ticket, so if you do not have time to enter payment details in the allotted time, then the order is liquidated and you will have to issue a new one.

When planning a route with a transfer, it is recommended that the interval between trains be at least 3 hours, so you will definitely not be late.

Which trains can I buy an e-ticket for?

To travel by train across the expanses of the Russian Federation, tickets are sold for trains of such companies as "Tver Express", "FPC", "Russian Railways" and "PKS", as well as carriers of other countries.

Important! At the moment, our service does not provide an opportunity to buy tickets to suburban destinations and abroad of the Russian Federation!

What period is available for the purchase of electronic tickets?

You can easily buy a ticket online if the carrier has available seats:

  • for domestic trains, ticket sales open 90 (for some routes 45, 60 or 120) days before the departure date;
  • 60 days in advance for domestic trains;
  • 10 days in advance for suburban trains with seats provided;
  • 1 hour before the departure of trains from the boarding station of a particular person;
  • 24 hours before the departure of trains from the boarding station in the absence of electronic registration and the location of the station in the zone of the railway of a foreign state.

Features of ticket registration in some classes of train service.

Placing an order in a luxury car (class of service 1A, 1I, 1M, category soft) or CB («1B», «1E»), it should be borne in mind that an online ticket is sold immediately with payment for a full compartment for 1-2 people. If two people go on the road, then when entering data into the ticket form, it is necessary to specify the personal information of both. In the compositions of JSC "FPC", it is allowed to travel in a compartment of a third person under 10 years old if there is a non-cash ticket (it is possible to purchase for the Latvian direction only at the ticket office). 

When buying tickets to the meeting room of the train "Sapsan" (car No.01 (11), seats 27-30, class "1P"), you need to pay for the compartment in full, regardless of how many people there will be 1 or 4. Travelers under 10 years old purchase children's tickets with filling personal information.

When booking business class tickets for a suburban train Moscow — Tula — Moscow («1P») it is required to pay for all compartments at once. Preschoolers get children's tickets.

NOT ALLOWED on the site:

  • reissue tickets online;
  • reserve a seat without paying for the upcoming trip;
  • book seats designated for people with disabilities;
  • buy tickets online for trains departing from railway stations in Finland;
  • apply for discounted tickets online when you need to present a document to confirm the benefits;
  • issue tickets online less than 60 minutes before the departure of the train from the boarding station;
  • buy tickets for children's fares in the "Luxury" car ("1A", "1I") international communication with foreign countries;
  • buy tickets online carriers GUP «Crimean Railway » and JSC AK «Railways of Yakutia »;
  • purchase online tickets for trains in transit to the Kaliningrad region via Lithuania;
  • purchase online tickets at special rates, except those listed in the Russian Railways tariff directory;
  • purchase online tickets from Ukrainian railway stations for trains without electronic registration on the current and next dates;
  • buy tickets with seats for trains traveling on suburban routes, with the exception of trains forming the CPPC;
  • issue online tickets from the stations of the CIS countries for trains without electronic registration less than a day before the departure of the train;
  • to purchase non-cash tickets online for children under 5 years old who do not claim their own place from stations located on the territory of Ukraine.
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