The most popular railway transport routes: where and what destinations do passengers choose?

Rail transport is one of the most important means of transportation over long distances. It allows you to quickly and safely deliver passengers and cargo throughout the country, as well as abroad. Many people use rail transport every day, choosing the most convenient and popular routes.

One of the most popular routes is the direction between major cities. For example, trains running between Moscow and St. Petersburg are particularly popular. This is due to the fact that these two cities are major centers of economy and culture, and many people regularly travel between them. Trains on this route offer various classes of service and amenities, which allows each passenger to choose the best option for themselves.

Rail transport:popular routes

Here are some popular rail transport routes:

  1. MoscowSt. Petersburg. This route is one of the most popular in Russia. Trains run between the two largest cities of the country, covering a distance of about 700 kilometers. The trip takes about 4-5 hours and offers a comfortable and fast travel between the capital and the cultural capital of Russia.
  2. MoscowSochi. This route is popular with passengers who want to visit the Black Sea and relax on the beaches of Sochi. The trains follow a scenic route passing through the Caucasus Mountains. The trip takes about 24 hours, but passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.
  3. MoscowYekaterinburg. This route connects two major cities in Russia. Trains travel through the vast expanses of the Urals, offering passengers the opportunity to enjoy nature and see picturesque landscapes. The trip takes about 26 hours.
  4. MoscowKazan. This route is popular with passengers wishing to visit the capital of Tatarstan. Trains run through fertile fields and picturesque villages, offering passengers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Russian province. The trip takes about 12 hours.

These are just some of the popular rail transport routes. Each of them offers its own unique opportunities and allows passengers to enjoy the beauty of Russia while traveling.

MoscowSt. Petersburg

Route MoscowSt. Petersburg it offers passengers several travel options, including high-speed and regular trains. High-speed trains, such as Sapsan and Swallow, offer passengers comfortable conditions and reduce the travel time between cities. Regular trains also offer various carriage classes and accommodation options, including compartments, reserved seats and seating.


The trip from Moscow to Yekaterinburg takes about 24 hours. During the trip, passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery, passing through various regions of Russia. The train also provides a comfortable space for rest and sleep, as well as the possibility of meals.

Route MoscowYekaterinburg

The route from Moscow to Yekaterinburg passes through several major cities and regions. Here are the main stops on this route:

  1. Moscow the starting point of the journey. Here passengers can enjoy the beauty of the capital of Russia, visit the sights and get acquainted with the culture of the city.
  2. Vladimir  a city rich in historical and architectural attractions. Here passengers can visit the Vladimir Cathedral, the Golden Gate and other interesting places.
  3. Nizhny Novgorod is a major industrial and cultural center of Russia. Here passengers can visit the Kremlin, take a walk along Bolshaya Pokrovskaya pedestrian street and enjoy the views of the Volga.
  4. Perm; a large city of the Urals, which is famous for its natural beauty and architecture. Here passengers can visit the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, the Perm Museum of Local Lore and other attractions.
  5. Yekaterinburg; the end point of the route. Here passengers can visit the Church on the Blood, the Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg, as well as enjoy the beauty of the Ural Mountains.

Route MoscowYekaterinburg offers passengers not only a comfortable and safe journey, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with various regions of Russia and their culture. This trip will be an unforgettable experience for all passengers and will allow them to see many interesting places.

Saint PetersburgMurmansk

A trip along the St. Petersburg routeMurmansk allows travelers to enjoy beautiful landscapes and to see the unique nature of the northern regions of Russia. The route passes through forests, lakes and mountains, offering passengers unforgettable views.


Trains on the Yekaterinburg routeNovosibirsk offers various classes of service, including a reserved seat, compartment, suite. Passengers can choose the most suitable class and comfort level. Trains usually have restaurants and buffets where you can buy food and drinks.

Main stations on the route:

  • Yekaterinburg-Passenger
  • Tyumen
  • Omsk
  • Barabinsk
  • Novosibirsk

Yekaterinburg-Passenger station is the starting point for trains on this route. From here, passengers can travel to the picturesque places of Siberia and get to Novosibirsk in a few hours.

The route passes through the cities of Tyumen and Omsk, which are also major transport hubs in Siberia. Passengers can take the opportunity to get off at these stations and visit their attractions.

Station Travel time
Yekaterinburg-Passenger There is no direct train
Tyumen 4 hours 30 minutes
Omsk 12 hours 30 minutes
Barabinsk 15 hours 30 minutes
Novosibirsk 16 hours 30 minutes

The travel time by train from Yekaterinburg to Novosibirsk is approximately 16 hours and 30 minutes. Passengers can spend this time in comfortable compartments or reserved carriages, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Siberia and the amenities provided on trains.

Yekaterinburg routeNovosibirsk is one one of the most popular in the railway transport of Russia. This is due to its geographical location and the significance of these two cities. Passengers choose to travel by train in order to reach their destination comfortably and safely.

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